PrimeXBT Principal Analyst: Solana (SOL), Crypto's Dark Horse Seeking to Challenge Ethereum (ETH)

PrimeXBT Principal Analyst: Solana (SOL), Crypto’s Dark Horse Seeking to Challenge Ethereum (ETH)

Among the top 20 coins that fell victim to crypto bloodshed last week, one coin managed to survive relatively unscathed: Solana Blockchain (SOL).Not only was it not a victim of the carnage, SOL even managed to make a profit of around 60% for the week, a very impressive record when most other coins were posting losses of between 20% and 50%. In fact, SOL also managed to post a record daily percentage gain in Sunday’s sell-off that caused Bitcoin (BTC) to lose 6%. This is due to a very strong uptrend that is sending the token to new all-time highs on a constant basis.For those unfamiliar, SOL is another smart contract-capable blockchain...

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Ivan Marchena

Iván Marchena departs after establishing PrimeXBT in the region.

Iván Marchena, the man behind PrimeXBT’s award-winning Bitcoin-based trading platform’s success in Latin America, has agreed to step down as vice president of operations for the area after achieving the goals set out at the start of his term.The decision comes as the company works to establish itself as one of the leading leveraged trading platforms for Latin Americans trading cryptocurrencies and conventional financial instruments.From its origins to its current status as a guideFor many people, the most difficult part of everything is always the beginning. Anyone who has ever been given a blank project knows how challenging...

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Etiënne vantKruys

Etiënne VantKruys: more bubbles and copies in the DeFi & crypto space

Observing the ongoing trends in the DeFi and Crypto market in 2021, we want to understand what to expect further and how professional investors look at this space.How to evaluate and find good investment opportunities among DeFi startups? How to invest in DeFi projects? What drives innovations in the blockchain sector? And what trends we’ll see in the foreseen future of the crypto industry?To answer all these questions we met with Etiënne vantKruys, CEO & founder at TRG Capital, one of the top VC firms investing in DeFi & crypto startups. Switching the professional path from healthcare to the crypto finance field, Etienne...

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Miguel Schweizer - Cryptopress interview

Interview with Miguel Schweizer, from Quantia Capital

Quantia Capital is a digital asset management company that provides investment solutions for retail and institutional investors, currently holding more than $ 320 million.We were recently able to ask Miguel Schweizer, who serves as the company’s chief risk officer, some questions.Here are the most outstanding answers from the interview:– Migue, how did you get to the crypto world?A: The first time I read the word Bitcoin was in 2012 and I did not give it a second thought. Bookmarked the article to read later and let it hang out for a while.Then in 2013 I came across Bitcoin again in a Wired article and found it...

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Interview with Nicolas Verderosa - Prime XBT

Interview: Nicolás Verderosa from Prime XBT

We consulted Nicolás Verderosa, Head of Latin American Associations at Prime XBT, about the company’s prospects and crypto trading.***1) What exactly is PrimeXBT?PrimeXBT is an award-winning Bitcoin-based leveraged trading platform, offering more than 50 assets including cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS), Forex, Commodities (metals, oil and gas) and Indices, all from a single source. bill.2) How does the platform work?Whoever wants to use our broker, must deposit bitcoins from a wallet or exchange and, once accredited, can trade on their own (in the trading module) or invest in a strategy...

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Pierre Etter TIXnGO product manager

Interview: what is TIXnGO?

Interview with Pierre Etter, TIXnGO Product Management & Marketing.***What exactly is TIXnGO?TIXnGO’s secure mobile ticket wallet is a game-changer for event organization and ticketing solutions. The platform leverages the latest in mobile, blockchain and AI machine learning disruptive technologies. The system eliminates fraud, boosts agile operations and security, and uplifts data and fan experience. Millions of tickets have been securely distributed worldwide and exchanged through TIXnGO’s marketplace solution, including tickets for some of the world’s biggest sporting events. The secure wallet system can integrate...


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