Avalanche Bridge adds native support for Bitcoin

Avalanche Bridge adds native support for Bitcoin; AVAX goes up 7.4%

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The Avalanche bridge has been updated to include native support for Bitcoin (BTC), with the cross-chain smart contracts platform seeing a 7.4% increase in its native token AVX as a result, despite DeFi activity is going down. The news comes after the company announced that it would be adding BTC support to its platform back in October. The update is part of a wider effort by Avalanche to expand its ability to interact with other blockchain…
sam bankman-fried

Sam Bankman-Fried saves BlockFi and Voyager

Sam Bankman-Fried, the co-founder of crypto exchange FTX and quantitative trading firm Alameda, has emerged as something of a savior for the crypto market. Bankman-Fried’s two companies have agreed to pr…
Lido proposes 'dual-governance' to prevent Ethereum centralization

Lido proposes ‘dual-governance’ to prevent Ethereum centralization

Lido project members are concerned about “cartelization” and have lobbied for changes to the protocol’s governance, which would prevent validators from gaining undue authority and give holders of Lido’s sta…
Is there any value left in crypto

Is there any value left in crypto? 

The market has plummeted and the bottom of the fall is not in sight. But the markets, especially the cryptocurrency market, have always been very volatile. This may be because it is still a very new in…

June 17, 2022

Celsius, 3AC, crypto stumbles continue

The crypto carnage continues as nervous investors rush out and big digital asset-focused companies Celsius and Three Arrows Capital (3AC) feel the pressure. On Wednesday afternoon, it appeared that Three Arrows Capital (3AC) had been selling assets, including $40 million of its Lido Staked Ethereum (stETH).  The token, known as “staked ether,” has suddenly become a key focus for crypto traders trying to manage the extreme…

June 14, 2022

Last Two Weeks Have Seen 50,000 Bitcoins Exit Exchanges

The last two weeks have seen 50,000 bitcoins exit exchanges. This is a huge amount of Bitcoin and could indicate that whales are moving their BTCs around. However, there is no way to know for sure because of the ambiguity surrounding these data. These numbers show that the supply of Bitcoin on the main exchanges is decreasing, but it could also be a result of new users entering the market. Given the nature of the data set (BTC transactions…

June 13, 2022

James Butterfill: Investors are flocking to the relative safety of bitcoin

Inflows into Bitcoin (BTC) funds continued for the second week in a row, outpacing the performance of other digital asset funds. More than $506 million has been invested in bitcoin-focused mutual funds since the beginning of the year, according to the latest data from digital asset fund provider CoinShares. New money invested in bitcoin funds countered the losses of non-bitcoin or alternative cryptocurrency funds by around $100 million (al…

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Crypto Market Update - $200 Billion Wiped Off

Crypto Market Update: $200 Billion Wiped Off

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In the wake of a global sell-off in risk markets, Bitcoin fell below $24,000 on Monday, its lowest level since December 2020. Fears of market c…
Tether Launches USDT on Tezos

Tether Launches USDT on Tezos

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Tether, the world’s largest stablecoin by market capitalization, is now available on the Tezos proof-of-stake blockchain. The launch of Tether’…
ethereum ropsten merge

Testnet Ethereum Merge Completes Successfully on Ropsten

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The testnet Ethereum Merge has been completed successfully on the Ropsten testnet, and developers are now focused on the final merge in late Q3 or…
PayPal adds withdrawal of crypto assets to external wallets

PayPal adds withdrawal of crypto assets to external wallets

PayPal has added a new feature that allows crypto to be withdrawn to external wallets. A select group of customers in the U.S. will be able to …
cynthia loomis

Here Are The Key Points Of The U.S. Crypto Bill

The bill is aimed at creating a legal framework for cryptocurrencies in the United States. The document contains several important points that …
NY Senate bans coal-powered bitcoin mining for two years

NY Senate bans coal-powered bitcoin mining for two years

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The New York State Senate has passed a bill that bans the use of coal-fired electricity for cryptocurrency mining for two years. Existing miners i…
bitcoin bear market

Bitcoin today: The Bitcoin/Ethereum ratio; Crypto scams; Insider trading at OpenSea; The bear market continues

The Bitcoin/Ethereum ratio Although the peak in bitcoin selling may have passed, the crypto market’s risk aversion remains strong.  Bit…
ethereum difficulty bomb - Ticking Bomb by puroticorico

What is the Ethereum difficulty bomb?

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The Ethereum network is facing its own version of a “difficulty bomb” that will start to slow down the current blockchain system. The Difficulty B…

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