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Crypto Market: December 5, 2022

Investors’ anticipation of a more dovish stance from the US Federal Reserve kept the cryptocurrency market strong early Monday. Bitcoin maintained the $17,000 milestone, while Ethereum approached the $1,300 mark. Instead of maintaining its current diet of 75 basis points, the Federal Open Market Committee is expected to increase interest rates by 50 basis points. Bitcoin$17,256.192.43% Bitcoin is trading at $17,080.74 USD with...

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Crypto Market – December 1, 2022

The markets are keeping their fingers crossed that the Fed will signal impending dovish action on rates and that major cryptocurrency player Genesis will return to health. In addition, the second-largest cryptocurrency has increased by 11.5% over the previous week and may be positioned for an even larger movement in 2023. Bitcoin Increases Due to the Fed Chair’s Moderate Statements. The markets are keeping their fingers crossed that the...

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Crypto Market: November 28, 2022

The price of most cryptocurrencies has been falling in recent hours. According to an on-chain researcher, the price of Ether decreased after a whale moved 73 thousand ETH to Binance. This occurred after a whale moved large amounts of the cryptocurrency to Binance. Dogecoin increases by 16% to continue the holiday spirit. The rise of the popular meme coin was an anomaly on crypto markets, where bitcoin and the majority of other major tokens...

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Crypto Market – November 23, 2022

Bitcoin’s price stays over $16,000 despite following stock markets upward. Since the FTX crash, crypto markets have been under a lot of pressure, but on Wednesday, they are trading in the positive. Bitcoin$17,256.192.43% Bitcoin went up by 4% to settle over the psychologically important level of $16,000, while Ethereum went up by 5% but stayed below the $1,200 barrier. Market Cap: $1,099,050,125,507.7124h Vol: $57,232,662,279.87BTC...

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Next Block Expo 2022

With a pitch contest, curated networking sessions and a dedicated mobile app to link people, projects and investors, Next Block Expo’s ambition is to become the most promising networking opportunity for the european blockchain community in 2022.  The first edition of the Next Block Expo event with a few thousand attendees will be held at the Berlin Station venue on 23 and 24 of November, linking the most influential people and projects...

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Kevin O’Leary: Idiot managers always get wiped out and that’s okay

Bitcoin is held mainly by individuals, some family offices, and some hedge funds, but in the context of what can be a nothingburger. Is Bitcoin a hedge against inflation? So far it has not worked despite the absence of regulation, as it is not being indexed. It may be a chicken and egg conundrum, and may be more valuable than gold. However, institutions are allowed to own gold, and they own up to five percent of allocations or ETFs that...

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Crypto Market – November 14, 2022

Last week was the worst in five months. Bitcoin (BTC) lost 22% of its value in seven days. This happened during a terrible year for the blockchain industry, which was recently hurt by the FTX scandal. The decline in BTC and stablecoin exchange reserves over the last several days indicates a lack of market confidence and the predominance of fear. Expect price volatility throughout the crypto ecosystem as asset holders alter their portfolios...

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Crypto Market – November 7, 2022

After a solid weekend, cryptos fell in the early hours. Bitcoins fell below $21,000, while Ethereum couldn’t break $1,600. Crypto’s Week Begins with FTT-Alameda Drama. FTT, SOL, and BNB start the week in the red as the market digests Alameda’s finances. Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao stated the exchange intends to liquidate all of its FTT tokens following a CoinDesk story exposed Alameda Research’s possibly...

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Crypto Market – November 1, 2022

The cryptocurrency market recovered its gains on Tuesday. Dogecoin’s volatility and oscillations persisted after Elon Musk bought up Twitter. Falling money supply growth is a positive sign for Fed development. Tuesday’s trading was unchanged for the top two cryptocurrencies by market size, but they were still trading far above their most recent support levels. Bitcoin$17,256.192.43% Over the last 24 hours, the price of...

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UniLend V2 Launched: Becomes 1st True Permissionless Lending & Borrowing Protocol

The UniLend team is looking to revolutionise the lending and borrowing scene in the DeFi space by launching its much awaited V2 testnet on the Goerli chain today. It is the first ever protocol that claims to “Make Every Digital Asset Productive”. Earlier, UniLend Finance CEO, Chandresh Aharwar, unveiled the version of the UniLend Dapp for the first time on Binance Live, calling it “The world’s first true permissionless lending and borrowing...

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