Ethereum nears Shanghai after first “shadow fork”

Ethereum is one step closer to its upcoming upgrade, Shanghai, after successfully completing its first “shadow fork.” The test launch took place on Monday at around 5:30 a.m. ET, according to Parithosh Jayathi, a DevOps Engineer at the Ethereum Foundation. The shadow fork, also known as a testnet fork, allows developers to test the upgrade on a version of the main network. The main goal of the Shanghai upgrade is to let users withdraw...

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What is the “Shanghai Upgrade” for Ethereum?

The Ethereum 2.0 launch is quickly approaching, and the development team has announced that the next stage of the launch, known as the “Shanghai” phase, is due to begin on March 31, 2023. Right now, users can’t get their Ethereum back if they’ve staked it. Shanghai is adding a way for them to do this, which will mostly help people who sent their ETH before PoS was set up in September. The launch of the “Shanghai”...

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Twitter could lose 30 million users

As more and more people use social media to get information and talk to each other, platforms like Twitter have become important parts of our daily lives. But a new report says that Twitter could be about to lose a lot of its users. A recent study by the research company Insider Intelligence says that Twitter could lose as many as 30 million users in the next year. The report points to a number of things that could be causing this drop, such...

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What is Proof of Reserves (PoR)?

Proof of Reserves (PoR) is a method that exchanges use to show that they hold assets like cryptocurrencies and fiat cash. This is important for exchanges because it allows customers to verify that the exchange has the assets it claims to have, which helps to build trust and confidence in the exchange. It is an auditing technique that is provable using cryptographic proofs, checks of public wallet ownership, and recurrent audits to verify an...

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Musk explains why he bought Twitter

Elon Musk released a statement detailing his reasons for acquiring social networking giant Twitter, and he has much more on his mind than just the possibility of cryptocurrency features being added to the site. Musk said that the “future of civilization” is his key purpose for buying the company. Instead of dividing into “far right and far left echo chambers,” he said the goal is to maintain a “shared digital plaza”...

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What Is a crypto whale?

“Whale” is a word used to describe investors with an enormous amount of cryptocurrency, especially those with enough money to affect the market. Individuals or organizations with substantial crypto holdings are called whales. Due to their immense riches, whales may influence the market. Sell barriers reduce the price of a coin, enabling whales to make inexpensive purchases. Buy barriers compel investors to increase the cost of a...

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KPMG Report: Top priorities for the crypto industry until the end of the year

The consulting firm KPMG has issued its report on the “fintech pulse”, and has reached interesting conclusions in its section dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.  The top priorities for the cryptocurrency industry this fall, according to KPMG’s Pulse of Fintech report, are: Some companies that focus on cryptocurrencies are putting themselves to the test by trying to recapitalize at lower valuations, which...

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New narrative: What is “Real Yield Defi”?

Real yield is the yield earned by the creation of real protocol income, like as trading fees. Token holders on the system may earn a portion of this yield, similar to dividend stock. In the narrative of decentralized finance, real yield would be the third evolution of Defi, or Defi 3.0. Thus, betting on a “real yield” protocol means relying on its ability to maintain its user base and transaction volume, its value, in short, over...

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What is the Merge in Ethereum? 

The Merge represents the joining of Ethereum’s existing execution layer (the Mainnet we use today) with its new proof-of-stake consensus layer, the Beacon Chain. It eliminates the need for energy-intensive mining and instead secures the network using staked ETH. A truly exciting step towards realizing Ethereum’s vision: more scalability, security, and sustainability. How The Merge happens Proof-of-work has been used to secure...

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Cryptocurrency M2 Money Supply

It may seem paradoxical that the movement of cash and the price of bitcoin (BTC-USD) are related, but historical evidence tends to indicate that the circulation of money throughout the U.S. economy acts as a signal for the future direction of the price of Bitcoin (BTC-USD). The M2 money supply in the United States is a wide measure of cash and time deposits held by the general people. It comprises M1 money, which consists of actual cash and...

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