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Crypto adoption is the process where individuals, companies, and other organizations adopt cryptocurrencies.

Amazon Web Services Joins Avalanche to Drive Blockchain Adoption

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a partnership with Avalanche to drive adoption of blockchain solutions among institutions around the world. As part of the alliance, AWS now supports Avalanche dApp infrastructure. Ava Labs plans to add its subnetting implementation as a service to the AWS marketplace. Following the news, Avalanche’s native token, AVAX, skyrocketed more than 25%. This was reported by the TechCrunch site recently: AWS...

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Binance Integrates Apple and Google Pay

The biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, has announced that it will now work with Apple Pay and Google Pay. This will make it easier for customers to buy and sell bitcoin using the popular mobile payment systems. With Apple Pay’s 43.9 million users and Google Pay’s 25 million users, this move is likely to make it much easier for people to use bitcoin, especially during the current bear market. These additional...

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Genesis Block to Halt Operations Amid Potential FTX Repercussions

The FTX’s contagious impact continues to spread across the cryptocurrency sector. Genesis Block, once Asia’s biggest Bitcoin ATM provider, is one of the enterprises in the cryptocurrency industry suffering from the FTX crash. According to a Reuters report, which was picked up by other media outlets, the business notified its customers via email that it would stop its OTC trading facility on December 10. OTC trading, also known as...

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El Salvador wants one Bitcoin a day

Recently, in response to the FTX problem, the president said that this exchange was antithetical to the essence of Bitcoin. A few hours ago, he revealed on Twitter a significant decision: beginning immediately, he will purchase one Bitcoin each day. Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a price decrease of 64.69 percent so far this year as a result of the cryptocurrency crisis, which has been triggered by a number of events, including the failure and bankruptcy...

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Kevin O’Leary: Idiot managers always get wiped out and that’s okay

Bitcoin is held mainly by individuals, some family offices, and some hedge funds, but in the context of what can be a nothingburger. Is Bitcoin a hedge against inflation? So far it has not worked despite the absence of regulation, as it is not being indexed. It may be a chicken and egg conundrum, and may be more valuable than gold. However, institutions are allowed to own gold, and they own up to five percent of allocations or ETFs that...

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Brazil’s Nubank will launch its own cryptocurrency on Polygon

Nubank, the biggest digital bank in Brazil, is ready to launch a new loyalty program based on cryptocurrency for its more than 65 million members in Latin America. The bank, which has locations in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, announced on Wednesday that it wants to make its own digital currency. Several news organizations have quoted a statement saying that the project is part of a new loyalty program that Nubank plans to start in the next...

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Crypto Today: Bitcoin recovery; UK bond buying might affect bitcoin; Has Bitcoin hit bottom months ago?

CryptoPress Bitcoin recovery Bitcoin scored a win this quarter, yet the magnitude may seem small for an asset class with outsized gains until recently. As stated by some experts, Wall Street believes cryptocurrencies have bottomed out and will become an attractive diversification strategy until Treasury yields regain strength.  Bitcoin rose 3.7%, trading at $19,392, while MSCI’s MSCI All Country Stock Index and Bloomberg’s...

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Raoul Pal: I bought cryptocurrency lately

Raoul Pal, an investor, entrepreneur, and former sales executive for Goldman Sachs in Europe, said that he is now amassing a significant amount of cryptocurrency reserves in anticipation of a worldwide economic slump. The economy may decline During an interview done by the Twitter account Real Vision, Pal gave his opinions on the current macroeconomic scenario, elaborating on the importance of both the stock market and cryptocurrencies in...

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MicroStrategy buys $6 million more Bitcoin

MicroStrategy has resumed its bitcoin accumulation strategy with a fresh USD $6 million purchase after a brief gap of a few months. The corporation increased its cryptocurrency holdings by 301 BTC, as reported in a document filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). According to the regulatory filing, the transaction was made between August 2 and September 19 for a total of $5,975,151, or an average price of USD $19,851 per...

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Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi – Unleashing the potential for the future tech development

Abu Dhabi, UAE – After the first successful event in Lagos, Nigeria, the Web3 Delight is moving to the thriving capital of UAE. Abu Dhabi Web3 Delight is a unique next-generation event dedicated to developing and adopting blockchain in the growth markets. It’s the second in the series of Web3 conferences organized by SwiftMotion Media, a fully capitalized micro-VC, an investment arm of the management consultancy Agile Dynamics. This in-person...

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