• solana hack
    Early on Wednesday, Solana’s SOL token managed to hold on to a crucial support level despite a multi-million dollar platform attack that caused some investors to express annoyance by suggesting they could consider shorting the coin. The breach on cryptocurrency platform Solana that emptied thousands of user wallets (more than 8,000 as of writing time) wasn’t the consequence of a significant system malfunction. It was probably brought on by…
  • ethereum
    According to a Bloomberg piece titled “Booms, Busts, and Bitcoin,” The Merge will be accompanied by a sequence of events that will alter the view of ETH as an investment asset, with the potential to become an institutional-grade asset on a global scale. In this respect, they note that the alteration of the consensus method will be the determining factor. Ethereum has exceeded Bitcoin in a number of key adoption indicators that are signific…

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    Coinbase rises strongly by offering staking 

    Coinbase Global (COIN 7.22 percent) jumped as much as 11 percent and was trading 10.6 percent higher. Tuesday saw the crypto market turn bullis…

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    • SEC investigating Coinbase for listing securities
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    Crypto Market – Aug 4, 2022

    Today’s worldwide cryptocurrency market valuation is $1.11 trillion, a decrease of 1.58 percent in the previous 24 hours and a decrease of 34.54 percent over the last year. Currently, Bitcoin (BTC) has a market capitalization of $437 billion, a 39.41% share of the whole cryptocurrency market. At $153 billion, Stablecoins have a 13.79 percent stake in the overall cryptocurrency market capital.
    • Market Cap: $1,144,536,068,630.20
    • 24h Vol: $63,315,692,843.42
    • BTC Dominance: 38.74%

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    SEC investigating Coinbase for listing securities

    Bloomberg News reported on Monday that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking into allegations that Coinbase Global Inc (COIN.O) wrongly let Americans trade digital assets that ought to have been registered as securities. …
    polygon - matic

    Polygon unveils zkEVM, an Ethereum scaling solution

    The most significant 2022 development has recently been made by Polygon (MATIC), a well-known Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. The zkEVM scaling solution from the Polygon team, which is completely compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Mac…

    Barclays joins Copper’s supporters

    According to a report from Sky News, British bank Barclays will participate in the investment round for cryptocurrency custodian Copper. According to a Sky News story quoting sources in the City of London, banking behemoth Barclays is one of t…
    shiba inu

    Shiba Inu climbs after being listed on the Philippines’ most popular exchange

    The recent inclusion of the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency on Coins.ph, a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines, has increased its popularity. Coins.ph is authorized by the Philippines’ Central Bank, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and…
    All the crypto companies that went bankrupt in 2022

    All the crypto companies that went bankrupt in 2022 [so far]

    These are all the bankruptcies so far in 2022 in the crypto world. We had to make a list to follow along with the thread. The crypto winter with inflation and the crash of Terra brought the least desired effects in the crypto world: a domino o…

    M2 - crypto

    Cryptocurrency M2 Money Supply

    It may seem paradoxical that the movement of cash and the price of bitcoin (BTC-USD) are related, but historical evidence tends to indicate that the circulation of money throughout the U.S. economy acts as a signal for the future direction of the price of Bitcoin (BTC-USD). The M2 money supply in the United States is a wide measure of cash and time deposits held by the general people. It comprises M1 money, which consists of actual cash and deposits, as well as “less liquid” currency, such as bank savings accounts. The M2 money supply might have a stronger impact on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. This statistic seems to be substantially associated with market fluctuations over the previous ten years. As M2 expansion co…

    Move to earn: Apps That Pay You In Crypto For Exercising

    What Is “Move to Earn”?  A novel use of technology called “move-to-earn,” or M2E, encourages individuals to get up and exercise. An excellent method to earn cryptocurrency, a kind of decentralized digital money that has gained popularity recently, is via play-to-earn games. After the Play-To-Earn model, often known as P2E, became well recognized, a new trend that provides an alternate way to make money quickly started to gain traction in the cryptocurrency industry. It is called Move-To-Earn (M2E), a kind of improved P2E model that offers incentives for the straightforward action of moving. “Move to Earn” is a strategy that, as the name implies, combines the mechanics of video games with physical exercise to provide consume…

    crypto today

    Crypto Today: Thousands of Solano wallets hacked; Michael Taylor steps down as CEO of MicroStrategy; RobinHood lays off nearly a quarter of its employees

    Targeting Solana, hackers stole bitcoin from “hot” wallets. Despite the prevalence of attacks on blockchain platforms, Solana remains one of the fastest and cheapest digital asset trading ecosystems. The cryptocurrency (SOL) and blockchain-compatible USDC were stolen by cybercriminals. Independent professionals and security organizations believe that the ongoing assault has caused $8 million in damages. Solana has been the target of a bot spam and DDOS assaults. It is also accepting deposits for the next decentralized Saga phone. Solana’s Twitter account now indicates that 8,000 w…

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    # NamePriceChanges 24H Market Cap

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    ICO & IDO list – Initial Coin Offerings

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    Bitcoin Price Today

    Bitcoin price today. Bitcoin real-time price chart and index. BTC price evolution with graph chart. Convert BTC to USD.

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    Crypto Market Cap

    • Market Cap: $1,144.54 B
    • 24h Vol: $63.32 B
    • BTC Dominance: 38.74%

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    diamond launch

    Diamond Launch Is Offering a Multi-chain IDO Distribution Platform

    With the popularity of DeFi, users are encountering opportunities as well as various problems in joining cryptocurrency pre-sales, as it is difficult to obtain information about projects of interest from the corners of Twitter while tracking th…

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    Gate.io - MetaCity

    Gate.io announced its partnership with MetaCity

    Gate.io, and 5 Blockchain Giants Partnered with Avril Lavigne Metaverse Theme Park, MetaCity. Avril Lavigne, Ian Somerhalder, Russell Simmons, …
    tron dao

    TRON’s Mission to Create an Internet for All, Defining Decentralization

    Geneva, Switzerland / July 27 / – TRON was established in 2017 with the vision to decentralize the web, and it has aligned its mission to follow t…
    TRON DAO Announces New Grants Program to Foster Growth of Overall Ecosystem

    TRON DAO Announces New Grants Program to Foster Growth of Overall Ecosystem

    Geneva, Switzerland / July 25 / – TRON DAO is thrilled to announce its Developer, Community Ambassador, and Influencer Grant Programs to BUIDLers …
    TRON DAO Reserve Addresses Questions Regarding USDD Stablecoin

    TRON DAO Reserve Addresses Questions Regarding USDD Stablecoin

    Geneva, Switzerland / July 21 / –  The TRON DAO Reserve (TDR) has officially answered some frequently asked questions from the community abou…
    Vitalik Buterin

    Vitalik Buterin: Merge Testing is 90% complete

    According to the Ethereum co-founder, the blockchain project is now in the middle of a protracted process that will eventually make it more resilient in a variety of ways. Vitalik Buterin said that “fusion testing” is 90% complete. This refers to the process of ensuring that various software components can work together as intended. Buterin also said that there were still some bugs left to squash, but that he expects them to be fixed soon. He added, “If you look at what we’ve been able to do in the last year and compare it to what we …

    KuCoin Labs Invests in Superpower Squad, a Superhero-Themed Shooter Game to Boost the Development of Game-Fi

    June 09, 2022 06:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time VICTORIA, Seychelles–(BUSINESS WIRE)–KuCoin Labs, the investment and research force of the K…
    metacraft game

    After Launching Indodax, MetaCraft is Witnessing a Strong Growth Momentum

    According to the official announcement of Indodex, Indonesia’s largest digital asset exchange, MetaCraft officially launched Indodax on May 25th…

    DeFi TVL Plummets In May

    The current crypto market fall has harmed retail investor morale, but it has also harmed the decentralized financial area. As a result of this dro…
    Terra - Luna

    Why Terra grew to number two in DeFi

    Terra, the blockchain network and token that is unstoppable. Its $LUNA token continues to grow and its network is already behind Ethereum. Its …
    Traders Fair - Ho Chi Minh

    Traders Fair & Awards, Ho Chi Minh

    A perfect ending to the year 2022, Ho Chi Minh Traders Fair will be the last station of Traders Fair exhibition by FINEXPO which will be scheduled to commence on 10th December 2022 at Windsor Plaza Hotel, Saigon. FINEXPO is a huge finance event-producing company with over 18 years of experience….
    crypto summit 2022

    Crypto Summit 2022 will be held in Moscow on August 26

    On August 26, the 1st Annual Crypto Summit on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies Crypto Summit 2022 will be held in the Central Business Space. The event will bring together several thousand leading representatives of the crypto industry. Among the participants of the event will be not…

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    Sustainable Energy: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Aug 1-3, 2022 Online
    Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022  Aug 9-10, 2022 Toronto, CANADA
    World Blockchain Summit Canada Aug 18-19, 2022 Toronto, CANADA
    Coinfest Asia  Aug 25-26, 2022 Bali, INDONESIA
    CryptoCon Global  Aug 26, 2022 Scottsdale, AZ
    The Science of Blockchain Conference 2022 Aug 29-31, 2022 Stanford, CA
    PrimeXBT agrega cuentas denominadas en COV

    PrimeXBT adds COV-denominated accounts: everything traders need to know

    Late last year, European fintech developer and PrimeXBT B2B partner Covesting revealed its 2022 roadmap and with it a host of new updates and utilities that would further enhance usability, value, and functionality. of the VOC token. This week, one of the hottest new features planned for COV was officially launched on PrimeXBT. Here you will find everything you need to know about the new VOC denominated accounts at PrimeXBT and what they have to offer. PrimeXBT an…
    5 Brokers that operate with cryptocurrencies in Latin America

    5 Brokers that operate with cryptocurrencies in Latin America

    Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the financial market. But just as cryptocurrencies are still the big news, traditional trading in stocks, forex, CFDs, ETFs, and funds is an activity that needs no introduction as they have been known to the public for a long time.  You need a platform or broker for this, and in the case of Latin America, that can represent a challenge since there have not always been brokers available.  Novelty: Crypto brokers The grea…
    Traders Fair - Ho Chi Minh

    Traders Fair & Awards, Ho Chi Minh

    A perfect ending to the year 2022, Ho Chi Minh Traders Fair will be the last station of Traders Fair exhibition by FINEXPO which will be scheduled…
    Enriching Day at Hanoi Traders Fair Gala Dinner

    Enriching Day at Hanoi Traders Fair & Gala Dinner

    On June  18, 2022, Hanoi Traders Fair & Gala Dinner had joyfully and perfectly ended by FINEXPO at Intercontinental Hanoi Landmark72. Ove…
    the near in blood, the nearer bloody

    What are crypto liquidations?

    In a nutshell, liquidation is the process of turning an asset into cash. Liquidation can happen for various reasons, but in the case of cryptocurr…
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