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Web3Shot Quiz is Online with 20 Million $UW3S Rewards Available

According to the official announcement, Web3Shot Quiz launches on the market on December 22, together with 20 million UW3S rewards for participants. Users can go to, take part in a quiz, and earn part of the 20 million free $UW3S tokens.  To join the quiz, users can go to, connect their MetaMask wallet, do the daily quiz, and earn GEMs. There is a total of 10 questions in a quiz, and users...

Crypto world, DAOs, DeFi, GameFi, Web3

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Twitter could lose 30 million users

As more and more people use social media to get information and talk to each other, platforms like Twitter have become important parts of our daily lives. But a new report says that Twitter could be about to lose a lot of its users. A recent study by the research company Insider Intelligence says that Twitter could lose as many as 30 million users in the next year. The report points to a number of things that could be causing this drop, such...

$DOGE, Cryptocurrencies, Elon Musk, Front page, Main, Twitter

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4 billion stablecoins outflow from CEXs

Stablecoins have been leaving exchanges in large numbers over the past month. Since November 4, stablecoin balances have dropped by a net of $4.67 billion. This represents an 11.4% decrease in exchange stablecoin balances. During the same time period, net Ether outflows from exchanges added up to $5.125 billion, which is 13.1% of the total Ether held on centralized exchanges (CEXs). In total, $9.8 billion in stablecoins and Ether have been...

Binance, Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges, Front page, Main, Stablecoins

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Learn-to-Earn in Web3Shot, Become an Expert in Technology

People want to use blockchain technology, XR, IoT, AI, and machine learning because they are changing the way we live and Web3 is becoming more and more popular. However, it is not easy to understand various terminologies and adopt the new technology. To offer opportunities for the public to learn about different terms, Web3Shot is in place with the aim of building a learning platform for massive web3 adoption and providing interesting learn-to-earn...

Crypto world, DAOs, DeFi, Web3

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Socializing in City Tycoon Games, a Unique Monopoly Style Blockchain Game

Play-to-earn games make use of blockchain technology and give players the opportunity to generate crypto rewards for their skill and effort. Through rewarding participants with digital cash or non-fungible tokens, play-to-earn games are becoming mainstream.  City Tycoon Games is a simulation game based on Monopoly’s gameplay with social and collecting elements. Players can upgrade their buildings, expand the number of plots, collect...

Blockchain, Crypto Games, Crypto world, GameFi, NFTs, Play to Earn

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Over The Reality Expands OVER Marketplace To Include Clothing And Accessories

The fashion industry has existed for as long as anyone can remember and continues to thrive even today. More interestingly, however, is the notion that innovative technologies like NFTs, cryptocurrencies, VR (virtual reality), and AR (augmented reality) can be utilized alongside fashion that excites everyone, as the possibilities of what this sector can now achieve may truly be limited only by our imagination. As such, for the very first time,...

$OVR, Blockchain, Metaverse, NFTs

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How far does the FTX contagion go?

Just as 2021 will be recognized as the year institutional money began to enter the crypto world, 2022 will surely be infamous for the seemingly endless list of problems and bankruptcies in the crypto world.  When it came out that Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX, had taken $10 billion off of FTX’s balance sheet to fix a problem at his sister quantitative trading firm, Alameda Research, the cryptomarkets became very unstable. Until...

Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges, Front page, FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried

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“I F*cked Up,” Declares FTX’s Founder

According to Sequoia Capital, Bankman-Fried, 30, CEO of FTX crypto exchange, was ready to become the world’s first “trillionaire.” This week, FTX openly crumbled. Three days before, the letter said that “a rival is attempting to use fake information against us,” presumably targeting Binance. Before removing it, he tweeted, “FTX is ok and assets are fine.” Later, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange...

$FTT, Binance, Crypto regulation, Exchanges, Front page, FTX

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Connex to Start Crypto Career in Web3 Community

Web3 is offering young people the ability to become experts in the growing crypto field. The increasing popularity and booming industry are attracting more and more young people to the industry. However, young people interested in this profession often find it difficult to gain connections within the circle. Correspondingly, most crypto companies are facing a similar problem of lacking access to a talent pool. In order to recruit the most capable...

Blockchain, Companies, DAOs, NFTs, Web3

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Diamond Launch (DLC) is Live on Bybit Launchpad, Providing Users with Access to Premium Projects

According to the official announcement of Bybit, Diamond Launch (DLC) is live on Bybit Launchpad. The Snapshot Period is from Sep 10, 2022, 12AM (midnight) UTC till Sep 14, 2022, 11:59PM UTC, while the DLC/USDT Spot pair will be live for trades on Sep 15, 2022, 12PM (noon) UTC. Moreover, from Sep 15, 2022, 12PM (noon) UTC to Sep 18, 2022, 12PM (noon) UTC, the first 500 traders who purchase at least 10,000 DLC on Bybit will earn a cut from the...

$DLC, $USDT, Blockchain, Bybit, Cryptocurrencies

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