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A stablecoin is a fiat-backed cryptocurrency that has a value pegged to another stable asset, such as the US dollar.

Tether Audit and Binance Investigation - What’s the Future of Stablecoins?

Tether Audit and Binance Investigation – What’s the Future of Stablecoins?

Stablecoins like USDT have come under fire in recent weeks, casting a doubt on the entire stablecoin market.SINGAPORE May 24 2021 (Blockchain Wire) Stablecoins have been an important part of the cryptocurrency industry for a long time. They are built as a way of storing digital currency with a stable value that is pegged to a fiat currency, in this instance: USD. But the actual stability and security of some of the biggest stablecoins have long been a murky area. Especially with the biggest stablecoin around, USDT (Tether).Tether’s recent audit hasn’t stopped the criticsUSDT recently hit the news...

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Freeliquid Offers Stablecoin Loans Uniswap LP Tokens as Collateral

Freeliquid Offers Stablecoin Loans Uniswap LP Tokens as Collateral

MakerDAO that lets Uniswap liquidity providers borrow up to 90% of their LP tokens’ value in USDFL stablecoins. The zero risks of liquidation for stablecoin pairs and the ability to convert USDFL into Tether (USDT) or USD Coin (USDC) to increase one’s liquidity position on Uniswap make Freeliquid an attractive alternative to Compound and AaveNEW YORK, NY Feb 25 2021 (Blockchain Wire) The issue of using Uniswap LP tokens more efficiently has been on DeFi investors’ radar for a long time. The standard method is yield farming — depositing LPs in a smart contract to earn tokens. However, it has discredited itself after too...

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Miguel Schweizer - Cryptopress interview

Interview with Miguel Schweizer, from Quantia Capital

Quantia Capital is a digital asset management company that provides investment solutions for retail and institutional investors, currently holding more than $ 320 million.We were recently able to ask Miguel Schweizer, who serves as the company’s chief risk officer, some questions.Here are the most outstanding answers from the interview:– Migue, how did you get to the crypto world?A: The first time I read the word Bitcoin was in 2012 and I did not give it a second thought. Bookmarked the article to read later and let it hang out for a while.Then in 2013 I came across Bitcoin again in a Wired article and found it...

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Waves Exchange Rolls out Decentralized Forex with Seven New Stablecoins Pegged to Foreign Currencies

Combining Forex and DeFi, DeFo users can earn up to 15% of their account balances through stakingSeptember 29, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight TimeSAN FRANCISCO–( BUSINESS WIRE ) —Waves.Exchange, the global cryptocurrency exchange, announced today the launch of Decentralized Forex (DeFo) a new trading model powered by stablecoins. Waves Exchange will support seven currency-pegged digital assets at launch: USDN, EURN, JPYN, CNYN, RUBN, UAHN and NGNN. DeFo traders will be able to use the Neutrino stablecoins for swapping, trading, and yield sustainable rewards 12-15% APR through staking.

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