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Crypto Market – January 30, 2023

As market confidence grows, more money is going into cryptocurrency funds. At the time of writing, this was briefly changing, and coins were falling sharply. Last week, the number of people buying cryptocurrency investment products quadrupled, and bitcoin is on track to have its best January in almost ten years. After the FTX cryptocurrency exchange failed, Bitcoin and other digital assets almost made up all of the money they lost. This comes...

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Crypto Market – January 2, 2023

In its first trading day of 2023, the cryptocurrency market showed optimism. The price of Bitcoin, the biggest digital token, rose 1.21 percent to $16,727.34, while the price of Ethereum stayed over $1,200. Solana “has a bright future,” according to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, and ARK’s Fintech Innovation ETF has added 158,000 shares of COIN as the company reaches an all-time low. The price of Solana has increased...

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Crypto Market – December 28, 2022

On Wednesday, the global cryptocurrency market was trading mixed amid a cautious mood in the last trading week of 2022.  Bitcoin lost 1.23% and was trading between $16,500 and $17,000. Ethereum has fallen below the $1,200 threshold. Bitcoin$23,798.003.44% As of this writing, the current market price of Bitcoin is $16,669.87 USD, and the 24-hour trading volume is $16,585,745,601. Within the previous day, the value of Bitcoin has...

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Crypto Market  – December 19, 2022

The cryptocurrency markets saw minimal change during Monday’s early trading hours. Analysts of cryptocurrencies have warned that the Federal Reserve’s tightening of the money supply to stop inflation is not likely to stop soon. Moreover, worries over the volatility of the bitcoin market persist. Bitcoin$23,798.003.44% The 24-hour trading volume for Bitcoin is $13,437,465,856 USD. Bitcoin increased 0.09 percent overnight....

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Crypto Market – December 15, 2022

The cryptocurrency market lost early gains on Thursday after the Federal Open Market Committee raised its benchmark rate by 50 basis points and hinted at further rate hikes. Jerome Powell, the head of the US central bank, put markets on edge by pointing out that the Fed was still being hawkish about the economy, despite having scaled down its most recent interest rate increase. Bitcoin$23,798.003.44% Bitcoin is trading at $17,684.42...

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Crypto Market – November 23, 2022

Bitcoin’s price stays over $16,000 despite following stock markets upward. Since the FTX crash, crypto markets have been under a lot of pressure, but on Wednesday, they are trading in the positive. Bitcoin$23,798.003.44% Bitcoin went up by 4% to settle over the psychologically important level of $16,000, while Ethereum went up by 5% but stayed below the $1,200 barrier. Market Cap: $1,099,050,125,507.7124h Vol: $57,232,662,279.87BTC...

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Crypto Market – November 14, 2022

Last week was the worst in five months. Bitcoin (BTC) lost 22% of its value in seven days. This happened during a terrible year for the blockchain industry, which was recently hurt by the FTX scandal. The decline in BTC and stablecoin exchange reserves over the last several days indicates a lack of market confidence and the predominance of fear. Expect price volatility throughout the crypto ecosystem as asset holders alter their portfolios...

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Crypto Market – October 17, 2022

Investors expect the FOMC to increase interest rates by 75 basis points at its meeting next month and remain cautious until the end of the year. After a relatively calm weekend, the cryptocurrency market showed no signs of stabilizing. However, within the first few hours of trade, the majority of tokens were trading at a profit. Bitcoin’s price was steady around $19,000 during the day. Bitcoin$23,798.003.44% Bitcoin (BTC) traded...

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Crypto Market – October 13, 2022

Before US inflation data came out on Thursday, the Fed made some aggressive comments at the last FOMC meeting. This led to a mixed day on the crypto market. The volume of trades has been pretty low, often falling below the averages for the last 20 days. This shows that investors aren’t very committed to the market. Bitcoin$23,798.003.44% Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been trading in a tight range. Bitcoin maintained its...

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Crypto Market – October 3, 2022

Following a weekend recovery, cryptocurrency markets remain in the red on Monday, bringing to mind inflation and recession worries from September. The cryptocurrency market performed similarly to the stock market as fears grew. Bitcoin$23,798.003.44% Bitcoin’s price has been rather stable recently, hovering around $19,000, but that may change later today when the US Federal Reserve holds an emergency meeting. Over the previous...

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