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Solana ($SOL) is a network of blocks that provides fast, safe, scalable, and decentralized applications and markets. The aim is to show that there is a possible combination of software algorithms that can be used to create a blockchain. This will allow the transaction yield to scale proportionally with the network bandwidth, satisfying all of the properties of a blockchain: scalability, security, and decentralization.

PrimeXBT Principal Analyst: Solana (SOL), Crypto's Dark Horse Seeking to Challenge Ethereum (ETH)

PrimeXBT Principal Analyst: Solana (SOL), Crypto’s Dark Horse Seeking to Challenge Ethereum (ETH)

Among the top 20 coins that fell victim to crypto bloodshed last week, one coin managed to survive relatively unscathed: Solana Blockchain (SOL). Not only was it not a victim of the carnage, SOL even managed to make a profit of around 60% for the week, a very impressive record when most other coins were posting losses of between 20% and 50%. In fact, SOL also managed to post a record daily percentage gain in Sunday’s sell-off that caused Bitcoin (BTC) to lose 6%. This is due to a very strong uptrend that is sending the token to new all-time highs on a constant basis. For those unfamiliar, SOL is another smart contract-capable blockchain...

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