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Grexie Launches Its Free GREX Token Globally, Integrates Onramper

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By integrating Onramper’s fiat-to-crypto on-ramp, the global launch of Grexie’s free ERC-20 token on Polygon takes a major step toward making cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone

December 01, 2021, 10:20 AM Eastern Standard Time

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Grexie, creator of GREX, an ERC-20 crypto token offered for free on the Polygon blockchain, announces the global launch of its token alongside an integration with Onramper, a fiat-to-crypto gateway aggregator that puts all major gateways in a single solution. GREX’s initial price is determined by the Polygon gas fees associated with each transaction, and fosters price appreciation through deflationary tokenomics.

“Everyone at Grexie is excited to start this journey”

Ever since Ethereum became a deflationary cryptocurrency with the EIP-1559 mechanism coming into play, deflationary tokens have become a staple of the broader digital assets market. Not all deflationary currencies, however, offer favorable tokenomics for investors. Grexie brings the advantages of deflationary mechanics to the table, while offering ultimate accessibility through an entirely free token. By integrating Onramper’s fiat-to-crypto gateway aggregator, consisting of a widget and an API, Grexie’s token holders can frictionlessly exchange their tokens for fiat down the line as they rise in value.

Grexie provides users with allocations of its limited-supply GREX tokens for free, alongside a negligible gas fee for processing the transaction on Polygon. They can receive up to 1 million GREX per allocation, and that cap decreases with each allocation. Going against the culture of overly-inflated ICO token valuations, GREX’s token valuation is determined by market forces, while the token itself is provisioned to users through a long-running community distribution model. Affiliates receive ten-percent extra to promote GREX. Since the gas fee remains roughly the same, the value per token solely based on the gas fee roughly doubles every 350 million issues. People interested in receiving GREX can do so by connecting their wallets, using MetaMask or any other Web3 wallet provider, and joining the ICO at the project’s homepage.

“Everyone at Grexie is excited to start this journey,” says Tim Berhsin, CEO of Grexie. “We believe that a combination of accessibility, frictionless onboarding, and ensuring that token value is more market-led offers a true value proposition for bridging the gap between current and future financial systems, and integrating with Onramper represents the first of many steps toward this ultimate goal.”

“We’re proud to add GREX to our ever-growing list of clients making fiat on-ramping frictionless,” says Thijs Maas, CEO of Onramper. “We’re also excited because we share many of the same guiding principles as Grexie, including re-defining how payments, value transfer, and financial services should work.”

About Grexie
Grexie is a new ERC20 crypto-token offered for free on the Polygon blockchain, provisioned in a long-running Community Distribution model and utilizing deflationary mechanics over time. It was founded on the principle of making crypto available for everyone. Users just need to pay the negligible Polygon gas price to receive decreasing allocations of up to 1 million GREX. The token is allocated for free and can then be sold on QuickSwap, or traded for other crypto tokens. For more information, visit

About Onramper
Onramper is a fiat-to-crypto gateway aggregator or Gateway Service Provider. The company has built a turnkey solution that allows businesses to integrate all major fiat gateways in a single easy-to-implement widget & API. Onramper’s widget and API give businesses (e.g. dapps, defi apps, wallets, exchanges etc.) the opportunity to allow their users to buy crypto directly without leaving their website. Importantly, these businesses no longer have to worry about gateway integrations, maintenance, and chargebacks. For more information, visit


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ReBlonde for Grexie
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