Brazil’s Nubank will launch its own cryptocurrency on Polygon

Nubank, the biggest digital bank in Brazil, is ready to launch a new loyalty program based on cryptocurrency for its more than 65 million members in Latin America. The bank, which has locations in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, announced on Wednesday that it wants to make its own digital currency. Several news organizations have quoted a statement saying that the project is part of a new loyalty program that Nubank plans to start in the next...

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Binance burns the BNB tokens the recent hacking minted

Last week, someone broke into the BNB Chain Bridge and used fake withdrawal proofs to get exactly 2,000,000 BNB. At the time, the net value of the stolen BNB was around $566 million. Now that Binance has finished its twenty-first quarterly burn of BNB tokens, the losses from last week’s bridge attack have been made up for.  When BSC chain validators stopped the network because of the attack, the hacker lost most of these coins....

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Raoul Pal: I bought cryptocurrency lately

Raoul Pal, an investor, entrepreneur, and former sales executive for Goldman Sachs in Europe, said that he is now amassing a significant amount of cryptocurrency reserves in anticipation of a worldwide economic slump. The economy may decline During an interview done by the Twitter account Real Vision, Pal gave his opinions on the current macroeconomic scenario, elaborating on the importance of both the stock market and cryptocurrencies in...

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What is Cardano’s Vasil hard fork?

A hard fork causes a network to break into two, each of which may then function independently; one version of the network continues with the same set of capabilities and rules as before, while the other runs on with newer, more advanced capabilities. Cardano‘s long-awaited Vasil update went live on September 22 after facing a number of hurdles. From the outside, it would seem that the hard fork’s goals are to increase the scalability...

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South Korea urges Interpol to stop Terra creator from avoiding extradition

South Korean police have requested a red alert from Interpol to prevent crypto entrepreneur Do Kwon from evading extradition, days after the Terra creator denied being “on the run” in a tweet. Kwon was the creator of the Terra/Luna cryptocurrency platform, an effort to create a system with comparable scalability to Ethereum. In the spring of 2022, however, Kwon’s attempts to create an “algorithmic stablecoin” that...

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New burning mechanism proposed for Terra Classic and token rises 120%.

After a steep decline in May, $LUNC has increased by more than 100 percent in the previous week. The increase has been even more significant over the last month, with the price increasing by 489% from USD $0.000095 on August 8 to a high of USD $0.00054 on Thursday morning. New burning mechanism Recent gains in the price of LUNC correlate with the advancement of a Terra Classic community proposal to introduce a new burn mechanism for the...

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David Rubenstein: Crypto constituency is strong in Congress

David Rubenstein, a billionaire and co-founder of the Carlyle Group, is one of the very rich people who have come out in support of digital currencies. He has publicly proclaimed his support for cryptocurrency in an interview with CNBC. The wealthy investor said, among other things, that “the greatest riches are amassed by those who disregard common thinking.“ He also expressed optimism over bitcoin regulation, stating his belief...

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A developer warns that the Cardano Testnet is “catastrophically flawed” 

On Thursday night, Cardano engineer Adam Dean tweeted that the Cardano testnet is in jeopardy since it is no longer compatible with the latest version of the blockchain client software. Dean, a former member of the Cardano staking group and current lead ecosystem developer, revealed that the problem was identified when operators raced to update on the mainnet, resulting in incompatible forks that reduced chain density. 🧵 (1/n) It's...

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Huobi linked Stablecoin de-pegs to $0.85

At Thursday’s market end, the price of HUSD was $0.92, down 8%. The current price on decentralized exchanges vs USDC, USDT, and DAI was $0.85. Currently, the warning from Curve Finance reads, “The exchange rate is absurdly low!” Stable Universal is actually the issuer of HUSD. The firm was sponsored by Huobi Capital, but in April of this year, Huobi divested its stakes. However, the exchange claimed in a public tweet that...

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Solana’s SOL Token Gains Despite Hack

Early on Wednesday, Solana’s SOL token managed to hold on to a crucial support level despite a multi-million dollar platform attack that caused some investors to express annoyance by suggesting they could consider shorting the coin. The breach on cryptocurrency platform Solana that emptied thousands of user wallets (more than 8,000 as of writing time) wasn’t the consequence of a significant system malfunction. It was probably brought...

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