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Structure Raises $20mm to Bring DeFi Investing to Mainstream Mobile Users

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Funding led by Polychain Capital will bring mobile investing application to market in 2022.

December 01, 2021 10:15 AM Eastern Standard Time

ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Structure, a global mobile-first financial platform that will offer universally accessible decentralized finance, has closed initial funding of $20 million including both seed funding led by Polychain Capital and proceeds from a sale of its token $STXR. Other investors participating include Bixin Ventures and Ascensive Assets. As of the latest funding round, Structure is valued at approximately $150 million.

“Straightforward, approachable investing is the future of personal finance, and Structure brings that accessibility to the world of DeFi and crypto.”

Launched in 2021, Structure aims to open DeFi and crypto investment opportunities to a wider group of potential investors and traders by providing a transparent, secure and user-friendly interface. Structure, open for trading 24 hours a day every day and charging zero commissions, will enable its clients to invest in tokenized stocks, options, cryptocurrencies and tokenized ETFs. Furthermore, by using Structure, clients will be freed from executing multi-legged swaps and empowered to trade directly between the assets they choose with a single transaction. Finally, users of Structure will be able to send and receive payments in the tokens of their choosing. Clients will simply select the tokens they want to use and Structure will do the rest.

“We are humbled and excited by the faith this group of investors has shown with the significant resources they have committed to our latest fundraising round,” said Bryan Hernandez, co-founder of Structure. “These funds will allow Structure to fulfill our mission of making DeFi accessible to all, not just trading professionals and technology experts.”

Led by a group of engineers, traders and designers, Structure’s 24/7, mobile-first platform prioritizes user accessibility, providing investors of all experience levels insight on DeFi trading opportunities that historically have only been accessible to seasoned investors. As the crypto and DeFi industries grow in complexity and popularity, Structure’s model eliminates the educational and financial barriers that traditionally hinder DeFi investment by providing the support that newcomer investors need to participate in the decentralized finance ecosystem in an informed way.

“With the funds raised, Structure will develop the framework to offer the first set of core functionality to users of the Structure mobile platform,” said Bryan Sun. “Straightforward, approachable investing is the future of personal finance, and Structure brings that accessibility to the world of DeFi and crypto.”

Structure is aiming for the Structure App to be available on a limited, invitation-only basis in early 2022, with a broader release a few months later.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with this amazing team of visionary engineers and entrepreneurs to bring the opportunities of DeFi to the broader population,” said Olaf Carlson-Wee, Founder and CEO of Polychain. “We believe strongly that the promise of DeFi is not reserved for the few and we look forward to helping the team at Structure to bridge that gap.”

About Structure

Structure is a global financial platform that opens the door for mainstream investors to seamlessly participate in the DeFi and Crypto markets without the traditional educational and financial barriers. Guided by the principles of DeFi, Structure will allow investors of all experience levels to quickly and simply trade assets on an easy-to-use, secure platform and eventually to earn, borrow and lend. Offering 24/7 access, hands-on support and seamless transaction, Structure’s consumer-first approach brings accessibility and simplicity to the complex financial worlds of DeFi and Crypto. To learn more about Structure’s innovative and inclusive approach to DeFi investment, please visit www.structure.fi.


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