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Airdrop is a marketing campaign that distributes a specific cryptocurrency or token to an audience. In order for airdrops to be successful, they need to have subscribers and participants who are willing to take the time to claim the tokens that have been distributed by the airdrop.

Airdrops are originated in order to increase the popularity of a certain coin and to attract more people to take interest in that coin.

The Airdrop distribution method is a perfect way to quickly distribute large amounts of cryptocurrency or tokens. By syncing a wallet to the platform, customers are awarded airdropped crypto after they complete a marketing action.

An “airdrop” is a way of releasing cryptocurrency to the general public in exchange for other tokens or wallets on a specific blockchain. This is frequently done for marketing purposes to encourage people to hold other tokens or to get them to join the blockchain network.

Users are often required to retain a particular quantity of tokens in a publicly discoverable wallet at a certain period in order to participate in an airdrop (snapshot time). The airdrop tokens would then be distributed according to the snapshot by the token project performing the airdrop.

Airdrops have the effect of allowing users to diversify their cryptocurrency holdings, raise awareness of the airdropped token, and receive a useful income (of their previous holdings). The majority of airdrop campaigns include getting cash or tokens in exchange for basic acts such as spreading the news, introducing friends, or downloading an app.

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