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Glossary of commonly found crypto terms, acronyms, profiles, and useful resources.


The term refers to an operation that occurs outside the main infrastructure of a blockchain. In the context of cryptocurrencies, this implies that the transaction is carried out privately or semi-privately and is possible thanks to scalability solutions and second level layers, such as payment channels or sidechains, which allow users to carry out a series of transactions “off” the main chain before recording the results on the public blockchain....

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It is a technical indicator used in crypto business analysis and other financial markets to measure the buying and selling pressure behind a particular asset. It was originally developed by Joseph Granville and is based on the premise that changes in trading volume can precede significant movements in the price of an asset. Calculating On-Balance Volume involves adding or subtracting the trading volume of the asset based on the price direction....

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Yield Curve

The “Yield Curve” is a graph that shows the interest rates of bonds based on their maturities. In traditional finance, an inverted yield curve (where short-term rates are higher than long-term rates) is sometimes associated with recessions. It is a vital tool in the world of finance, as it provides a visual representation of interest rates in relation to bond maturities. This graphic representation is essential to understanding...


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Zero-Day Vulnerability

In the changing and highly technical environment of cryptocurrencies, it is essential to be aware of the various risks that exist. One of the stealthiest and most potentially damaging is an entity known as a zero-day vulnerability. But what exactly is a zero-day vulnerability and how serious can it be for cryptocurrency market participants? A zero-day vulnerability refers to a security flaw that has not yet been discovered by software...

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Zeppelin, more precisely known as OpenZeppelin, is a name that resonates significantly in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems. Diving into the world of blockchain development and smart contracts can be challenging, but thanks to projects like OpenZeppelin, the process becomes more manageable and secure. Originating from the growing blockchain community, OpenZeppelin is a project dedicated to creating and maintaining open source libraries...

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