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Helium to Migrate to Solana in March, SOL Price Surges 10%

Helium, the decentralized wireless network, has announced that it will be migrating to Solana in March.
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Last updated: February 20, 2023

By CryptoPress

Helium, a decentralized wireless network that lets IoT devices connect to each other, has said that it will move to Solana in March. Solana is a high-performance blockchain that has been gaining popularity in the crypto community due to its fast transaction times and low fees. The announcement has caused a surge in the price of Solana, with the cryptocurrency rising by 10% following the news.

Solana’s Unique Features

Helium is moving to Solana because it wants to speed up and improve the efficiency of its network. Solana is a good choice for Helium because it has some unique features, such as its proof-of-history consensus algorithm and its ability to handle 65,000 transactions per second.

By switching to Solana, Helium hopes to speed up the time it takes for IoT devices to talk to each other, which will make its network run better overall.


Helium should also get some benefits from moving to Solana, such as better security and the ability to grow. Users should be able to use Helium’s network more often because Solana’s fast and cheap transactions will make it cheaper to use.

Reaction from the Crypto Community

The crypto community has reacted positively to the news of Helium’s migration to Solana. Many users see this as a sign of the growing popularity of Solana and its unique features [4]. Some people see this as proof of how important blockchain technology is to the growth of the Internet of Things industry.

Future Outlook

In the future, the move to Solana is likely to be a big deal for Helium and the crypto community as a whole. As blockchain technology continues to evolve and mature, we can expect to see more projects migrate to high-performance blockchains like Solana.

In Brief:

  • Helium, the decentralized wireless network, is migrating to Solana in March.
  • The migration is expected to bring several benefits to Helium, including increased speed, security, and scalability.
  • The announcement has led to a surge in the price of Solana, with the cryptocurrency rising by 10% following

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