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Yield Farming: CAI / AVAX

Yield farming: CAI / AVAX for more than 100% APR on TraderJoe

The yield farm

AVAX and CAI liquidity is added for yield farming, which can be exchanged on the same exchange (TraderJoexyz.com). 

At the time of writing, this data is reported: 

  • Liquidity: $1,084,007
  • Pool APR: 1.41%
  • JOE APR: 1.36%
  • Bonus APR: 97.8%

The farm pays rewards in JOE, the exchange’s native token, and bonus rewards in COLONY ($CLY), Colony Lab DAO’s governance token. 

Colony Avalanche Index, What is it?

CAI advertises as the first major index on Avalanche.

Investors seeking exposure to the Avalanche ecosystem use CAI as a benchmark index. It is made up of both the native token (AVAX) and the industry’s most prominent application. When yield is generated on the underlying assets, the index raises returns for investors.

In order to facilitate the smooth entry and departure of investors, CAI always has a large amount of liquid assets available. It’s the most extensive Avalanche index available, and it’s relied on by the industry’s most prominent companies.

Feature CAI-AVAX
Blockchain Avalanche
Difficulty Medium
Risk High
Yield 100% APR – variable 
Vesting period No
Exchanges TraderJoe

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