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Expo Pay payment system and LocalTrade exchange begin their cooperation

Expo Pay payment system and LocalTrade exchange begin their cooperation

The EXPO PAY platform, one of the most prominent members of the digital payments market, has signed a cooperation agreement with LocalTrade, an exchange registered in the UK. Prior to cooperating with LocalTrade, Expo Pay had already partnered with three major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinsbit, Estonia’s exchange, which now ranks first in the world rankings.

EXPO PAY is an electronic payment system. Its main advantage lies in the use of innovative technologies that allow entrepreneurs to make global payments in seconds. In any currency.

Expo Pay’s payment system is part of the ecosystem of EXPO’s global platform. Each customer of this platform generates passive revenue by investing assets in technological products. 

The founders of EXPO are continuously working on the development of the company and in strengthening partnerships with major cryptocurrency exchanges. 

In three years of existence, the platform has achieved impressive results. LocalTrade’s daily turnover exceeds $80 million, and the exchange community is 350,000 people. 

Today, EXPO PAY conducts hundreds of millions of transactions and has a turnover of $1 billion, while the 11,000 companies connected to the system have generated $4.6 million in revenue for the company. 

An important feature of the EXPO platform is the ability to generate passive revenue from investments in the company’s products. For example, Expo Pay is the foundation of the EXPO ecosystem. The payment system charges a commission for each transaction made and then all revenue received is distributed among investors.

Another option to earn passive income is to buy EXPO shares. The shares provide you with full co-owner status, which means that the company will distribute dividends received equally among all shareholders. This allows you to get up to 20% of your income, and with a competent strategy, the rate of return can reach 320% of the investment amount. 

Expo plans to develop a network of partners and build long-term relationships with the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. To do this, the company maintains an open activity, regularly publishing official income reports. 

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