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bitcci introduces NFT to its ecosystem with the launch of “bitcci cloud”

bitcci launches “bitcci cloud” introducing NFT to its ecosystem
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bitcci launches bitcci cloud

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become a popular phenomenon in the crypto space in the past 12 months. Their growing popularity is due to their non-fungible nature, which makes each minted token unique. 

This has made many brands and artists join the trend by tokenizing digital art forms sold on a dedicated NFT marketplace. However, there is no reliable NFT marketplace for the escort and adult industry. 

Swiss-based blockchain platform bitcci intends to resolve this with the launch of its dedicated NFT platform called bitcci cloud. bitcci cloud is designed to ensure that the needs of the escort industry are represented with key features and products. 

Users can quickly produce adult-themed artwork, mint it as NFTs and auction it on bitcci cloud. They can also start subscription models for exclusive NFTs and even resell or license content to third-party firms. 

To ensure that users have the best NFT experience, bitcci has also integrated additional features from its ecosystem, including a bitcci.com portal and an integrated payment system. bitcci native payment token bitcci Cash token serves as gas for the NFT marketplace. 

bitcci cloud also integrates a fair auction system that ensures that all users can bid on listed NFTs. This provides a fairer approach than some NFT marketplaces that divide users into tiers and limit access to certain NFT auctions. 

Transforming the escort industry 

bitcci is a unique blockchain platform that intends to modernize the existing escort industry by applying blockchain technology. In addition, the blockchain company is working on innovative products that will provide security and trust in this industry. 

Its club management software “bitcci club” is regarded as one of the best and has been integrated by four of the biggest saunas in Switzerland. bitcci club is easy to deploy on existing systems and highly efficient.

bitcci.com portal and the bitcci app are expected to be launched in Q4 2021. These platforms will present a dedicated environment for adult workers and consumers to interact. It combines a blend of a social network and an integrated payment system. 

Workers and consumers can leverage features like voice and video calls, live chat, and content section, while payment for services can be performed using debit cards or the bitcci Cash token. 

bitcci is developing the bitcci.ID platform to ensure GDPR compliance. The verification system is capable of scanning over 9,000 documents and comparing them to existing government databases.  

This means that workers or consumers with criminal records or illegal documents will be barred from registering on the bitcci.com or bitcci App platforms. Government authorities can access this information using bitcci connect, a special API platform connected to the bitcci.ID platform. 

Apart from online-based applications, bitcci is also planning to establish a chain of physical nightclubs known as the bitcci nightclub network. These physical saunas will consist of identical standardized buildings that will feature bitcci products. Members will be able to pay for services using the bitcci Cash token and experience the best experience. 

bitcci intends to purchase ten plots of lands across Europe for the pilot phase, with the buildings completed by 2022. 

More developments on the way

bitcci has continued to develop new products and marketing campaigns to foster its growing community base. It recently announced a major marketing campaign that started on August 21, and the blockchain company has already put up 200 posters in key locations across the crypto valley in Switzerland. 

The company has also begun the ICO of its payment token bitcci Cash token, and interested participants can purchase the token on the ICO platform. To learn more about bitcci, visit the website https://bitcci.to


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