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zkSync Airdrop

If you are interested in getting some free crypto tokens, you might want to check out the zkSync Airdrop project. zkSync is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that uses zero-knowledge proofs to enable fast and cheap transactions. The project is currently running an alpha testnet and giving away test tokens to users who try out their features.

What is zkSync?

zkSync is a layer-two blockchain for Ethereum using zk-rollups as scaling technology. It is a trustless protocol for scalable, low-cost payments on Ethereum, powered by zkRollup technology. It uses zero-knowledge proofs and on-chain data availability to keep users’ funds as safe as though they never left the mainnet.

ZK-rollup solutions make sure a transaction is real without showing the proof. In simple terms, zk-rollups are based on the idea of “trust me on this.” Zero-knowledge proofs are thought to be one of the best ways for Ethereum to scale and protect privacy.

Airdrop Eligibility and Participation

To participate in the zkSync Airdrop, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://wallet.zksync.io/ and connect your MetaMask wallet. Make sure you have some ETH on Rinkeby testnet. If not, you can get some from https://faucet.rinkeby.io/.
  2. Click on “Deposit” and select ETH or any ERC-20 token that you want to transfer to zkSync. Enter the amount and confirm the transaction.
  3. Once your funds are on zkSync, you can use them to try out different applications that are built on top of it. Here are some examples:
    • Go to https://syncswap.xyz and click on “Switch network” so you are now on zkSync alpha testnet
    • Click on “Faucet” an request more testnet tokens
    • Do some swaps between testnet tokens
    • Add liquidity on any pool with testnet tokens
    • Go to https://mintsquare.io and select zkSync testnet
    • Click on mint, upload a file, add a name and mint
    • Go to https://beta.1kx.exchange/trade
    • Swap between testnet tokens
    • Add liquidity to any pool
    • Go to https://spacefi.io
    • Swap any token to $STAR
    • Add liquidity on any pool
    • Put your $STAR tokens on farm
  4. Join Increment discord https://discord.gg/6nrgwpuQ
  5. Go to “join channel” and follow steps
  6. Connect your discord & wallet to https://guild.xyz/increment
  7. Wait some hours to receive test tokens
  8. Go to “Portfolio” and deposit USD
  9. Do some trades
  10. Add liquidity

11. Go to https://phezzan.xyz

12. Deposit testnet tokens

13. LONG/SHORT any pair

14. Add liquidity (currently paused)

By completing these steps, you will be eligible to receive free crypto tokens from the zkSync Airdrop project once they launch their mainnet.

Source: @MingoAirdrop on Twitter

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