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Money falling on the moon

Airdrop: Luna with Terra Station, Kepler or MetaMask

Here’s how to claim your LUNA airdrop.


If you are a user eligible for the Terra Phoenix airdrop, here’s how to claim your LUNA airdrop via the claim interface

Check out the Agora proposal for more information on the Terra Phoenix Airdrop, including specifics on eligibility, vesting periods, airdrop calculations, and more.

It’s important to remember that any LUNA you get in this airdrop that has a vesting time will be held in an undelegated state, meaning it won’t be staked and rewarded right away. 

Since users’ LUNA won’t be fully liquid until at least six months after Genesis, depending on their vesting timeline, users are advised to delegate their LUNA on Terra Station to earn staking rewards, vote on Terra governance proposals, and fortify network security during this time.


You can see which blockchains, protocols, and wallet types qualify for this airdrop in the table below, as well as the accompanying snapshot heights. Some chains are omitted from the table because of technical difficulties in indexing them, the low quantity of USTC, aUST, or LUNC stored on-chain at the snapshot height, or both.

In addition, addresses outside of the Terra exchange that have already received the airdrop at Genesis will not be eligible for this airdrop..

Availability – Phoenix Terra Airdrop proposal on Agora.


From September 4th, 2022, through October 4th, 2022, eligible users have one month to claim their airdrop. If no one claims LUNA by October 4, 2022, it will be released back into the Community Pool.

Step 1: Go to the Claim Interface

Launch a web browser and go to to use the claim interface. The following screen will appear when you visit the site.

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet – Select Your Origin Chain

After that, choose the wallet you’d want to link by clicking the corresponding drop-down option in the ‘Select Wallet’ field. The wallet services of Terra Station, Terra Station Mobile, Keplr, and Metamask are all acceptable.

Connect your Wallet

After linking your wallet, the LUNA you are qualified to claim will be shown, as seen below.

Eligible LUNA Allocation

Step 3: Submit a Fresh Terra Wallet Address and Confirm

Enter a new Terra wallet address to get the airdrop.

Check the box labeled “I validate this is a new wallet address with no transaction history” after entering your new wallet address to confirm that it has not been used in any prior transactions.

Image 5: Entering a New Terra Wallet Address

This notice will appear if the wallet address you specified has previously been used to claim the airdrop or has a transaction history.

Invalid Terra Address

Sign the transaction using your wallet from Step 2 after inputting your new Terra wallet address and verifying that it has no previous transaction history. Please be aware that individuals claiming from gas stations other than Terra chains will have a small portion of their LUNA airdrop payment removed to cover the cost of gas.

Terra Transactions
Metamask Transactions
Keplr Transactions

Step 4: Completion of the Transaction

After you have confirmed the transaction by using your wallet from Step 2, your LUNA will be sent to the address you provided for your new Terra wallet.

Confirmed transaction

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