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Airdrop: Celestia ($TIA) with Keplr wallet

Celestia is a new cryptocurrency that is becoming more popular because of its unique features and modular technology. Celestia is the first modular blockchain network to get more than $56 million in funding. It is currently on testnet.

Celestia crypto wallet

The Celestia wallet is a secure and user-friendly way to store and manage your Celestia tokens. Here is how to create a Celestia wallet. Celestia also integrates with Keplr, a decentralized wallet solution that supports multiple blockchains. This means that you can use your Keplr wallet to store and manage not only your Celestia tokens, but also other cryptocurrencies.

Celestia Airdrop

One way that the Celestia team is spreading the word about their project is through an airdrop campaign. An airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency to a large number of wallet addresses, often for free. If you are interested in participating in the Celestia airdrop, you will need to have a Celestia wallet.

The Celestia project is giving away its $TIA token for free, and everyone is welcome to take part.

If you want to get as many $TIA tokens as possible, read on for the next steps.

  1. set up a wallet

To get started, you will need a wallet that supports the Keplr protocol. Then follow these steps:

  1. Get testnet tokens

Follow these steps to get testnet tokens:

  1. make a transaction

To make a transaction, follow these steps:

  1. run a node

Finally, follow these steps to run a node:

With these steps, you will be ready to participate in the Celestia airdrop and get some free $TIA tokens. Good luck!


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