Liquid Staking with $NEAR

Liquid Staking with $NEAR

Liquidity is a problem for most crypto investors, who can’t easily convert their funds into cash in order to access real-world assets. Liquidity is also a problem for DEX protocols like NEAR and Aurora—often, these protocols need liquidity to operate smoothly but don’t have enough to cover their needs.

But here is a way you could use your crypto to get both liquidity and rewards.

Meta Pool lets you stake your $NEAR on the blockchain and accrue rewards while maintaining liquidity. It’s like earning interest on your money while keeping it available for use right away.

Stake $NEAR on Meta Pool and receive stNEAR

It’s pretty simple: stake $NEAR through Meta Pool and receive stNEAR.

Meta Pool is the first liquidity-staking platform for $NEAR DeFi. It lets you earn rewards for staking your $NEAR, and it lets you unlock liquidity at any time in a single click.

Accrue rewards, maintain liquidity to participate in DeFi activities on NEAR and Aurora, gain ~10.3% APY, and skip the unstaking vesting period for just ~0.3%.

stNEAR has been adopted by leading DeFi protocols, creating increasing possibilities to optimize returns.

Meta Pool is fully audited and backed by a host of various solid investors.

Feature $stNEAR
Coins NEAR, stNEAR
Difficulty Low
Yield ~10% ~variable 
Vesting period No
Wallets Near Wallet, Trust, Coin98
Exchanges Digifinex, Binance, HitBTC,

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