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Great places to earn stablecoins with staking

The days of staking stablecoins are still pretty new and uncertain. As a result, there are some challenges for earning stablecoins with staking as some (such as $USDT) may not be able to be staked on any exchange at the moment. While this may not be the best time to stake stablecoins, there are still some options available. We’ll take a look at these options and how they can help you earn stablecoins while avoiding the risk of volatility. Criteria No...

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Liquid Staking with $NEAR

Liquidity is a problem for most crypto investors, who can’t easily convert their funds into cash in order to access real-world assets. Liquidity is also a problem for DEX protocols like NEAR and Aurora—often, these protocols need liquidity to operate smoothly but don’t have enough to cover their needs. But here is a way you could use your crypto to get both liquidity and rewards. Meta Pool lets you stake your $NEAR on the blockchain...

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NEAR House by SupermoonX Gathers Talented Builders in Lisbon for NEARCON

With the support of Near Hacks, SupermoonX will bring together 20 founders and builders on Near protocol at a private residence to discuss innovations and the latest developments within the Near ecosystem. This special edition camp will take place from September 11th to 15th in Lisbon, Portugal. Connecting the greatest minds in web3 at Near House for a SupermoonX curated experience during Nearcon. Kicking off with the opening ceremony, Near...

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