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Empowering Youth in Web 3 Era, Connex is Creating a Web3 Professional Network

Connex goal is to help crypto companies and DAOs hire the best people and bring more professionals into the market.
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Last updated: March 2, 2023


With the aim of building a permissionless, open, and collaborative Web3 professional network, Connex has helped connect Web3 talents, providing a chance for all interested people to become a part of the growing Web3. Connex is a platform that collects information about related things in a decentralized way. Its goal is to help crypto companies and DAOs hire the best people and bring more professionals into the market.

Since the launch of Connex, the initial job market and talent market have already helped talents and companies match better and boost career and community development. Several tech companies and DAOs, like Crypto Solution, Crypto Whale Global, LandoCommunity, and veDAO, have worked with and collaborated with Connex and used it as their recruitment platform. With Connex, these companies were able to find the best Web 3 professionals and candidates for their communities. 


Talents can update their CVs on Connex in exchange for tokens, and Connex could add their on-chain credentials to the CVs they upload. Connex is linking candidates’ off-chain experience with their on-chain experience and enabling users to connect based on the tokens they hold, whether that’s through NFTs, DAO membership, or investments. Through its tokenomics, Connex turns users into owners and gives them reasons to use the platform and grow their blockchain networks. It’s important to point out that Connex is made to reward high levels of honesty and proof of fraud. CONX tokens are used to reward platform users. CONX can be used for rewarding people who upload their CVs with high integrity or rewarding people who get the most views and likes. People who prove the additional credit of CVs and KOLs by creating circles on Connex and sharing their valuable views about the circle topics are also welcomed by the platform.

Also, Connex recently joined forces with Web3Shot to offer its users a full Web3 professional community. Both Web3Shot and Connex will be able to use the other’s expertise, and the partnership has a lot of potential to help the Web3 market grow. With this partnership, Connex can reach out to more Web3 talent and improve its users’ credentials at the same time. Connex can also give its users a full Web3 professional community by combining their uploaded resumes with on-chain credentials like their social ranking, proof of achievement points (POAPs), interactions with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, and governance votes in different crypto projects.


With the industry growing so quickly, it’s a smart idea to create a platform to connect professionals and industry. So, the strategic development of Connex is a big step toward widespread use of Web3 technology, while also giving young people more power and giving the industry a boost.

By Juan Mende. In collaboration with Web3Shot.

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