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Buenos Aires: Argentina’s Crypto Buildings

This new real estate project claims to have no expenses thanks to a Bitcoin farm located underground.
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Updated: April 20, 2022


Belgrano, Buenos Aires – As the cryptocurrency craze continues to sweep the nation, one construction company is looking to capitalize on the trend. Landium’s new real estate project, called Next Pampa 2.0, claims to have no expenses thanks to a Bitcoin farm that will be located underground.

The project seeks to use cryptocurrency mining in order to lower building expenses to zero. While residents would still have to pay utility bills, they would not have any other additional fees or overhead costs associated with living in the building.

“We see this as an opportunity for an alternative source of income for people,” said Marco Sypher, founding partner of Landium. “By taking advantage of our country’s climate and the cheap electrical costs we can offer around here, we think this is a win-win for everyone.”

“it’s time for the real estate industry to take advantage of cryptocurrency.”

Javier Rodríguez

The building would feature 24 floors with more than 100 apartments, as well as a parking garage and a small park. The aim is to build a building with a built-in Bitcoin mining farm. This extra facility (which would be located in the basement) seeks to generate income for the owners of the various units of the building and thus prevent the building from having real building expenses.

This would be the first building of its kind in the world, and Landium’s CEO says the goal is to make owning an apartment a truly hands-off investment.

Landium’s CEO Javier Rodríguez said that “it’s time for the real estate industry to take advantage of cryptocurrency.” He hopes that Next Pampa 2.0 will be just the start for Landium as it seeks to expand into this field with more projects like this one.

Landium’s project seeks to use Bitcoin mining to lower building costs to zero. The idea is that Bitcoin mining can be used to pay for monthly expenses in order for the building not to have any real expenses. According to Landium CEO, David Farias: “It’s a way of giving back to our customers.”

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