100 properties sold with cryptocurrencies: we celebrate it with an NFT

After reaching another goal with more than 10 million in sales, we have finally reached property No. 100, this property represents an excellent investment for those who are part of our client portfolio as well as those who are getting to know us now.

The sale of property No. 100 begins on Wednesday June 2 at 8pm UTC and can be accessed from here .

Why buy real estate with crypto?

Besides being very profitable, why buy real estate with crypto? Is it just because of the anonymity of cryptocurrencies? It’s actually due to features that cryptocurrency buyers can enjoy: the ability to invest in significant real estate and solid assets that are also ready to spend when the customer wants. And it also helps homeowners earn additional income, more easily than regular homes as an investment. 

Sure, you could buy your current property conventionally, but there are some property taxes that you will have to pay each year, in addition to maintenance, improvements, repairs, and various other fees. One of the advantages of buying real estate with crypto is that it is very simple. Property can be purchased for a relatively small sum of money, for example, $100.

The rise of Crypto Real Estate

The RealT tokenization platform allows asset managers of securities firms, private investors, institutions, and banks to create new tokenized assets for the digitization of any kind of property.

Real estate tokenization is a great way to manage assets. No more limited shareholders with funds. Anyone can have liquidity when they need it.

RealT helps investors manage their real estate investments more efficiently. Provides liquidity to an industry that often relies on large shareholders or limited partners. But with Blockchain everyone is allowed to easily save their property insured money so that it is liquid when they need it.

Blockchain allows everyone to easily have their money to be liquid when they need it. RealT is a comprehensive platform on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to own fractional shares of commercial and residential properties. The Ethereum-based token allows ordinary people to buy fractions of expensive real estate without being millionaires.

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100 properties sold with cryptocurrencies

After reaching the 100 transactions milestone, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us by placing their trust in us, our valued partners and consultants. 

How can we thank you? RealT has asked artist @theblacksea_NFT to create an exclusive NFT for the owners of our 100th property. This NFT will be sent as a gift to all RealT token holders. It will be sent as a gift to everyone (Token Holder Addreses) from your Rarible account. 


Today, it is not uncommon for major world-class projects to use or become available to use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Generally speaking, real estate deals are not as simple as they used to be. Blockchain is a nifty tool that is being used in various areas for business and also commerce. As such, the real estate sector is one of the main industries that is benefiting from the use of blockchain. 

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