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rebus airdrop 2022

Airdrop: Rebus with Keplr or Metamask

How to get the Rebus airdrop for Evmos, Osmo, and Atom stakers – first 40% of the drop.

How to get the Rebus airdrop for Evmos, Osmo, and Atom stakers – the first forty percent of the drop.


Users that staked $EVMOS before July 14, 2022, will get $REBUS in accordance with the following rules:


100–199 EVMOS equivalent to 400 REBUS
200–499 EVMOS — 500 REBUS
500 EVMOS or more — 750 REBUS
The first 20% of the REBUS airdrop may be claimed now.


Quantity wagered 100–199 OSMO — 400 REBUS
200–499 OSMO — 500 REBUS
500 or higher OSMO — 750 REBUS


Amount wagered 80–100 atomic bomb — 305 REBUS
100–149 ATOM compared to 330 REBUS
150–199 ATOM compared to 380 REBUS
200–749 ATOM compared to 500 REBUS
750 or higher The ATOM-750 REBUS

For Evmos investors with Keplr wallet

To determine your eligibility, visit this explorer and click import wallet.

  1. Including a REBUS network in Kepler. 
  2. Click the Enable Keplr button and authorize transactions.
  3. Launch Kepler and choose the REBUS network. You may see your available balance.
  4. At this step, you will get 20% of your drop. In order to obtain the remaining 20%, you must stake any quantity of REBUS to any validator. To complete this, visit the explorer. Select a validator of your choosing and click the Delegate button.
  5. Select the amount to delegate and then click Send. If issues arise at this point, delete the rebus network from the Keplr wallet and reconnect to the website.
  6. We may now return to delegation.
  7. After delegating any amount, the following 20% of the decrease will be reflected on your balance.

For Evmos investors that use Metamask

  1. Availiability: link the wallet by visiting
  2. Choose connect Metamask and then confirm.
  3. The rebus network must then be added to Metamask. To do this, choose “add network” after opening all networks in Metamask.

Adding Rebus network to Metamask

  • Name of network: REBUS
  • RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 1111
  • Currency symbol: REBUS
  • Click “Save network”.

Now it is possible to delegate to any validator on the same site. After delegating any amount, you will get the 20% of the airdropped amount.

A drop claim is also accessible to ATOM and OSMO stakers, with steps identical to those for EVMOS.

To get the remainder of the drop, you must complete the following missions: 

  • Mission #1
    Stake Atom, Evmos, or Osmo on July 14th or Join our community with your Wax account until August 31st.
  • Mission #2
    Stake $REBUS
  • Mission #3
    Vote on a proposal
  • Mission #4
    Mint one NFTID on Rebus
  • Mission #5
    Use the Rebus Vault

Source: Magican on Medium. Telegram group.

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