Web3 Delight Ryadh

Web3 Delight Riyadh

Web3 Delight, a popular hybrid event with a focus on Web3, took place on March 6 at BAIC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Its goal is to engage, empower, and support an advanced economy that is proactive, customized, collaborative, and secure. The brainchild behind the series of events is Paul Lalovich, Partner at Agile Dynamics and founder of SyntheticEquity.io. The goal of the event was to bring growth markets together and build a larger community by encouraging the use of Web3 technologies and bringing them together.

The goal of the Web3 Delight Riyadh agenda was to look at the Web3 value chain and look at the key parts that make each stage valuable for stakeholders. The event, which took place in Riyadh on March 6, was in line with Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to improve the Kingdom’s digital infrastructure and capabilities. This includes investing in new technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things. It also aimed to support the growth of a thriving startup ecosystem.

During the event, people talked about a wide range of Web3-related topics, such as blockchain adoption, future marketing strategies in the Web3 space, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), governance policies, career opportunities in the metaverse, fundraising, and building during bear market conditions. These discussions provided valuable insights and knowledge to those interested in the Web3 space.

Impact Partners, a Saudi management consulting firm; JAWRAA, a leading Saudi Arabian digital transformation company; and SwiftMotion, a fully capitalized micro-VC and investment arm of the management consulting firm Agile Dynamics, were some of the main sponsors of the Web3 Delight event, which just ended in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  

The event attracted diverse participants, including developers, entrepreneurs, students, young professionals, and blockchain enthusiasts. There were many great speakers from Web3 native companies like MVP Workshop, Nifty Souq, Algorand Foundation, BNB Chain Innovation, WhiteMatrix, Bybit, droppGroup, XT.COM Exchange, ABO Digital, WOM Protocol, and many others. Web3 Delight and BNB Chain put on a blockchain hackathon at the same time as the main event. The goal was to get developers to build Web3 products on BNB Chain and strengthen ties with universities in Saudi Arabia. 

The hackathon nurtured innovation on the BNB Chain, opened doors, and strengthened relationships with universities and the broader education community in Saudi Arabia. The event was supported by Prince Sultan University and the Business Incubator and Accelerator Company (BIAC), a subsidiary of the TAQNIA, which is wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF). Web3 Delight Riyadh was the first Web3-dedicated event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

The next Web3 Delight event is set to take place in Caracas, Venezuela, and will focus on the opportunities and challenges of the Web3 ecosystem in the thriving growth markets of Latin America. Latin America has secured the seventh spot on our cryptocurrency market index for this year, following a period from July 2021 to June 2022 in which residents of various Latin American countries received $562.0 billion in cryptocurrency. This figure represents a significant increase of 40% compared to the previous year’s total, highlighting the region’s growing prominence in the global Web3 market. Also, Web3’s decentralized nature gives us the chance to make the world more fair and equal. This is especially important for developing countries, where traditional institutions don’t always provide the support and infrastructure needed for economic growth. With Web3, communities can come together to create their own decentralized networks where everyone has a voice and can contribute to the growth of their community.

The Web3 Delight event aims to showcase the possibilities of this decentralized future. By bringing together the top experts and innovators in the Web3 field, attendees can learn about the latest developments, talk about problems, and find ways to work together. Web3 Delight hopes that this will get people to think outside of the traditional limits of their industries and look into how Web3 could change and disrupt existing models.

The Web3 Delight event is a one-of-a-kind chance for local and global players in the Web3 space to get together and find out what’s possible while fostering cooperation opportunities that will improve the decentralized transformation ecosystem. Bridging the gap between different industries and blockchain startups is a key part of Web3’s future plans. This will allow disruptive new growth models to emerge. Web3 is more than just technology; it’s about peer-to-peer collaboration, transparency, and consensus. As Web3 Delight highlights, Web3 is a social movement toward a decentralized world where people can build their own future.

CNN Business Arabic | الاقتصادية CNN reports on the first Web3-dedicated event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Web3 Delight Riyadh. More at

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