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Bitcoin and Beyond


Wednesday | November 10, 2021

Charting a New Digital Economy


The most important
crypto summit of the year.

From adoption by countries to a discussion on the role of crypto media, the Bitcoin & Beyond Summit brings together some of the most visionary and creative innovators in the crypto space to discuss the most pressing topics.

More than just growing a business, the rise of crypto has provided a real opportunity to innovate at the foundational level of society and address long-standing issues around inefficiency, inequality and injustice.

Hype coins, mainstream media FUD, biased economists, influential billionaires, uninformed politicians, wild price swings: these are all distractions.

Let’s focus.

Panel Agenda

Bitcoin Adoption by Countries

So what nation will be next to board the Bitcoin express? How will El Salvador’s Bitcoin experiment shift the global narrative around crypto adoption? Our panel explores the status of Bitcoin adoption by countries and the deeper implications of this development.

Bitcoin Mining & Energy

So what is the state of Bitcoin mining and how are industry leaders addressing its energy concerns? What really is the role of miners on the Bitcoin network and how do we see that role evolve over the next few years as the adoption rate intensifies? Our experienced panelists will be exploring these issues and many more.

Innovating on the Bitcoin Network

What are the most significant projects innovating on the Bitcoin network and what are the necessary changes that future-proof Bitcoin in its road to “hyperbitcoinization”?

Bitcoin in Space

In this other-worldly panel, Bitcoin in Space explores “Space Race 2.0” and how crypto will influence our multi-planetary economy.

Maximalism vs. Diversification

Bitcoin vs. altcoins? Maximalists vs. altcoin enthusiasts? Who does the future belong to? While Bitcoin supporters cheer for a ubiquitous rein, others see a diverse future of interoperable financial instruments. This panel will navigate the thin line between Bitcoin maximalism and broader cryptocurrency diversification

Driving Growth in Crypto

Is crypto immune to fake news? History suggests otherwise. What is the role of the media in crypto education? How can quality discourse foster the adoption of new technologies while holding power to account? Our panelists will explore all the elements that are driving growth in this booming industry, as well as the increasing role of media in crypto education.

Advocacy, Activism vs. Business, Entrepreneurship

Bitcoin and blockchain have their share of passionate advocates driving the narrative, as well as its entrepreneurial minds who are creating life-changing business models. Who are they and what is their responsibility towards this booming industry? We’ll let our panelists do the talking — from influential activists to the most respected business leaders of the crypto space.

The Future of The Global Economy

How do these new technologies shape the future of our macroeconomy? Is the future of finance decentralized? How do we usher in a new age of prosperity for all? Our panel takes on the questions of Bitcoin and Beyond.

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