Binance.US agrees to buy the assets of Voyager Digital

Binance.US, the US branch of the popular cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it will buy the assets of Voyager Digital, a cryptocurrency lending platform that has been having trouble. This is a big step toward stabilizing the cryptocurrency market. The announcement, made on Monday, states that Binance.US will be purchasing Voyager’s assets for a sum of USD $1.022 billion. The move is seen as a way to help users affected by Voyager’s...

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Before Ethereum merges, Coinbase develops its staking strategy

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, Coinbase, has announced that it will be focusing more of its attention on staking. Staking means keeping a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin or ether, so you can verify transactions on the network and earn interest.  Because of the ongoing “crypto winter” and fewer retail and institutional investors trading digital assets, Coinbase’s trade volume dropped from $462 billion in the same...

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4 billion stablecoins outflow from CEXs

Stablecoins have been leaving exchanges in large numbers over the past month. Since November 4, stablecoin balances have dropped by a net of $4.67 billion. This represents an 11.4% decrease in exchange stablecoin balances. During the same time period, net Ether outflows from exchanges added up to $5.125 billion, which is 13.1% of the total Ether held on centralized exchanges (CEXs). In total, $9.8 billion in stablecoins and Ether have been...

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Circle goes to war with Tether

In a recent blog post on the Coinbase website, the company said that it is going to fight Tether, a controversial stablecoin that has been linked to scandals and problems for a long time. Tether has been under scrutiny for years due to its questionable relationship with the Bitfinex exchange and its lack of transparency regarding its backing. This has led to concerns about whether Tether is actually backed by the US dollar, as it claims to...

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Learn-to-Earn in Web3Shot, Become an Expert in Technology

People want to use blockchain technology, XR, IoT, AI, and machine learning because they are changing the way we live and Web3 is becoming more and more popular. However, it is not easy to understand various terminologies and adopt the new technology. To offer opportunities for the public to learn about different terms, Web3Shot is in place with the aim of building a learning platform for massive web3 adoption and providing interesting learn-to-earn...

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Crypto Today: The worst; BTC Decoupling; FTX Impact

Is the worst nearly over?  In this still-emerging business, volatility has always been a constant. Cryptocurrency is infamous for its steep declines and spectacular recoveries. Long-time Bitcoin supporters can confirm that this is not the first crypto winter. May cryptocurrency prices and stocks recover in 2023? Hany Rashwan, CEO of, a cryptocurrency investment business, said, “It is very evident that we as an industry...

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BlockFi’s U.S. bankruptcy filing

Two weeks ago, BlockFi banned withdrawals owing to “lack of clarification over the fate of, FTX US, and Alameda.” As previously mentioned by the BlockFi team, the move would be directly spurred by the demise of FTX, the business that initially offered a $400 million credit line to fund the crypto-lending startup. This is in addition to the exchange formed by Sam Bankman-option Fried’s to acquire for an additional $280...

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Why choose Bitcoin Casinos Over Traditional Casinos?

The online casino industry is booming, and there is much to gain from those new casinos. Bitcoin casinos are among the leading online casinos. Unlike traditional casinos, players use cryptocurrencies to make deposits or withdrawals at Bitcoin casinos. In this case, Bitcoins are the funding source for bettors to opt to play at the casinos of their choice. This article will outline why you should choose crypto casinos over traditional casinos....

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Socializing in City Tycoon Games, a Unique Monopoly Style Blockchain Game

Play-to-earn games make use of blockchain technology and give players the opportunity to generate crypto rewards for their skill and effort. Through rewarding participants with digital cash or non-fungible tokens, play-to-earn games are becoming mainstream.  City Tycoon Games is a simulation game based on Monopoly’s gameplay with social and collecting elements. Players can upgrade their buildings, expand the number of plots, collect...

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Genesis Block to Halt Operations Amid Potential FTX Repercussions

The FTX’s contagious impact continues to spread across the cryptocurrency sector. Genesis Block, once Asia’s biggest Bitcoin ATM provider, is one of the enterprises in the cryptocurrency industry suffering from the FTX crash. According to a Reuters report, which was picked up by other media outlets, the business notified its customers via email that it would stop its OTC trading facility on December 10. OTC trading, also known as...

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