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Axie Infinity, more than a game

This is Axie Infinity, the new blockchain video game that allows you to earn cryptocurrencies.
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 | Last updated: May 27, 2023


Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing everything, finance, art, and now video games. This is Axie Infinity, the new blockchain video game, that allows you to earn up to 33 USD per day and is generating a true revolution.

What is Axie Infinity about? 

Axie Infinity is an NFT video game, it is based on non-fungible tokens and is currently the most valuable NFT collection. Tokens are unique digital assets, they are like digital collectibles. There is no paint, no paper, these are files that store information. They are unique, valued digital pieces and data sets. 

So in this blockchain video game, players buy NFT Axies tokens and fight players through their tokens. Axies are creatures that come in different types and with different abilities, with different levels of health and damage. There is a market for Axies within the game, where they can be bought, the more rare and strange the Axie is, the more value it has and the greater strength it has to fight, that is, the more chances of winning. 

With the explosion of the game, the prices of Axies skyrocketed and are valued at around 300 USD to thousands of dollars. 

A team of Axies

It is a strategy game where the Axies of different players battle each other, with their different abilities that are described in the respective cards of each Axie. The winner is the Axie left standing. The game is inspired by Pokemon, a series where there is a similar dynamic, there are games where creatures have to fight each other, as in Axie Infinity. 

How do payments work on the Axie Infinity? 

The video game has its own cryptocurrency, called Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which players can sell for physical money. There are several ways to generate SLP within the game: 

Battle of Axies

It can be won in combat, or by performing the game’s story mode in which you are given a certain amount of energy to fight per day and thus earn SLP. 

Or you can buy and sell Axies that are monetized/valued at/with SLP. Axies can be bred and once bred, the offspring are sold for Ethereum. On August 10, the cheapest Axie was trading at 0.088 ETH equivalent to $272.99.

To start playing it is necessary to have 3 axies on your team, many players do not have the purchasing power to pass that barrier and start playing, so a type of scholarship was developed within the game. The scholarship is to share axies with other people and spread the profits. 

Axies prices

A good set of axies is around 0.8 ETH which equals around $ 2,500 or a more basic set would be worth 0.5 ETH, about $ 1,500. But there is the alternative of being a grant from a third party where you do not need to invest money, the profits are lower since they are shared. 

The most expensive NFT collection today

The NFT video game generated $ 42 million in June. It has the support of international companies such as Samsung, Ubisoft, etc. 

The video game has 250 million active users who, in total, traded 90,000 ETH, that is, 284 million dollars. 

Who developed it? 

The game was developed by a Vietnamese video game studio, called Sky Mavis. The study uses two cryptocurrencies, SLP (Smooth Love Potion) and AXS (Axie Infinity Shards). You can see this last currency on our list, AXS is listed at approximately 35th at the time of writing this note.

What other advances and revolutions are going to be implemented in this new world of cryptocurrencies? What other area of ​​the world is going to update and adapt to the digital world? 

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