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USDD is an algorithmic stablecoin issued on the Tron blockchain.

TRON’s Mission to Create an Internet for All, Defining Decentralization

Geneva, Switzerland / July 27 / – TRON was established in 2017 with the vision to decentralize the web, and it has aligned its mission to follow that purpose over the last five years. For most blockchains, decentralization is a central theme. It’s a form of administration that delegates power to individuals; as a result, users are able to contribute to and own a piece of the network. The four elements of TRON’s decentralized...

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TRON DAO Announces New Grants Program to Foster Growth of Overall Ecosystem

Geneva, Switzerland / July 25 / – TRON DAO is thrilled to announce its Developer, Community Ambassador, and Influencer Grant Programs to BUIDLers on the TRON network. As one of the largest DAOs, TRON is always looking for new opportunities to grow its ecosystem and further engage its vibrant global community. The Community Ambassador Grant Program will encourage a gateway between the DAO and multiple dedicated TRON friends and families to...

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TRON DAO Reserve Addresses Questions Regarding USDD Stablecoin

Geneva, Switzerland / July 21 / –  The TRON DAO Reserve (TDR) has officially answered some frequently asked questions from the community about USDD, the decentralized over-collateralized stablecoin on TRON.The USDD stablecoin is currently the most over-collateralized stablecoin across the entire cryptocurrency market. The core mission of USDD is to provide the blockchain world with a decentralized cryptocurrency of stable value. USDD represents...

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Tron’s answer to Tether

USDD is a new algorithmic stablecoin issued on the Tron blockchain. In a recent turn of events, USDD stablecoin has been launched on the Tron blockchain. The stablecoin is designed to fight against inflation as a store of value. USDD is said to be “Tron’s answer to Tether”. It is pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar and can be used for transactions on Tron and DApps. It was built using Tron Virtual Machine and runs on Tron Network....

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TRON Founder H.E. Justin Sun Announces the Launch of USDD — A Decentralized Stablecoin

Geneva, Switzerland / April 21 / – H.E. Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, announced today in an open letter on Twitter that an all-new stablecoin is launching on the TRON blockchain, USDD (or Decentralized USD), marking its official entry into the field of decentralized stablecoin.  TRON DAO will partner with other blockchain industry leaders to establish USDD. It will leverage the power of mathematics and algorithms to achieve the overarching...

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