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Hamster Kombat: The Fastest-Growing Crypto Game Breaks Records and Promises More

Hamster Kombat, a crypto game on Telegram, has seen exponential growth with 239 million sign-ups in just three months. The game allows users to play as the hamster CEO of a fictional crypto exchange, mirroring real-world dynamics. Players can mine in-game coins by tapping on the digital hamster and use them to upgrade their virtual startup. Bybit has listed Hamster Kombat’s token, HMSTR, for pre-market trading on its OTC platform,...

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Cosmic Kittens (CKIT) is set to launch a space-themed play-to-earn game featuring unique NFTs and an engaging meme gaming ecosystem

Cosmic Kittens (CKIT) is a new face in blockchain gaming that combines space-themed NFT cats with attractive P2E rewards. Cosmic Kittens (CKIT) is set to make waves in the blockchain gaming sector with its innovative approach, merging space-themed NFT cats with engaging Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, CKIT aims to revolutionize the GameFi landscape by blending meme coin appeal with the robust functionalities...

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Avalanche’s All-Stars: Three GameFi Projects to Watch in 2024

Have you heard the buzz about GameFi? It’s the revolutionary world where gaming meets DeFi, allowing you to earn rewards while playing your favorite games. And right now, Avalanche (AVAX) is leading the charge, with a thriving GameFi ecosystem that’s attracting players and investors worldwide. Why Avalanche? So, what makes Avalanche such a hotbed for GameFi? Here’s the lowdown: Blazing Speed & Low Fees: Compared...

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GameFi: The Future of Gaming and Decentralized Finance

The future of gaming and decentralized finance seems to have found its new utopia: GameFi. This concept brings together the exciting world of gaming and the unlimited potential of decentralized finance, creating an exciting new landscape for gamers and investors alike. GameFi offers gamers the opportunity not only to enjoy their favorite games but also to earn real-world income by leveraging blockchain technology. By integrating decentralized...

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REIGN OF VENGEANCE and LUNAR DIGITAL ASSETS form an alliance to crusade Web3 along with NFTs

World-Renowned Metal Horror Titans and Supergroup REIGN OF VENGEANCE (ex-Brain Damage Films) have allied with Lunar Digital Assets to bring the mainstream discussion about AI, crypto, Web3, mass surveillance, and cyber-security to the mainstream and subcultures of punk rock and heavy metal. The band and Lunar Digital Assets have formed this alliance in order to continue to break Web3 into the current mainstream and subculture consciousness. Both...

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