Sponsored content guidelines

Editorial guidelines for sponsored content approval.

Cryptopress considers the following situations to be suspicious of their quality or reliability and we choose not to publish, rejecting any agreement that in our discretion relates to:

  • Cloud mining services.

  • Trading bots.

  • Pages and companies that offer assured and/or suspicious returns for investment.

  • Anything that has to do with recognized scams such as AirBit Club, OneCoin, PlusToken, Bitcoin Vault, IM Master Academy (or derivatives) or that appears on lists of scams.

  • Companies that mediate to give better results: that is, customers give them money and they manage it.

  • Doubtful mechanisms to raise capital and/or companies that operate in unreliable jurisdictions or that do not make it clear where they do NOT operate.

  • Companies that put obstacles to withdraw money. Usually: they do not communicate the restrictions when capital is entered, but they put obstacles at the time of leaving.

  • Services that seek to propose their own cryptocurrency under the premise or promise that it will be better than Bitcoin.

  • Companies that generate profits from referral systems, especially when this is a parallel line more profitable than the original business, especially when customers must pay to enter. (Pyramid Scam).

  • Pyramid schemes of education, promise of supposed success. (Teaching pyramid scam).

  • That the project offers more than what it actually makes available on its website, that is, it does not reflect its activity clearly on its website.

  • Projects where it is not clear who are the people responsible behind.

  • Projects that do not have reliable information in their social networks / official accounts, or that do not have RRSS.

  • Bad critic/s verifiable in different analysis sites.

Not all signals have the same weight in the consideration of our editors, they are always indications of situations that frequently result in an alert that allows us to analyze each project more carefully and prevent legal issues.

Our editorial team reserves the right to reject any publication or content at its sole discretion.

As a rule, only rejection without justification is indicated pointing to these guidelines as a sole reference.

Cryptopress is not a branding or consulting service for crypto projects and, although we may reserve the right to publish, we are not obliged to advise on the viability or correction of the corporate image, branding, or technical aspects of any project.

We always reserve the right to make a disclaimer on any type of content. Also, we reserve the right to unpublish any content if necessary, in case the content is in legal infringement or any other harmful reason for the general public and/or for Cryptopress.

Checklist – Sponsored Content Approval Guidelines

Bad signs:

  • Cloud mining.
  • Trading bots.
  • Guaranteed profitability.
  • Suspicious or very high profitability.
  • Promises of exaggerated profits.
  • It appears on lists of scams.
  • Ponzi schemes (pyramid schemes).
  • Ponzi schemes of education, promise of supposed success.
  • Intermediate to give results: management of clients’ money.
  • Dubious mechanisms for raising capital.
  • Unclear restrictions to withdraw (Ex: they do not warn and block exit).
  • Supposed currency, better than Bitcoin.
  • Earnings from referrals, more profitable than the original business.
  • Earnings from referrals, they must pay to enter.
  • Project offer does not match its website.
  • The team is not visible. It is not clear who is behind.
  • They do not have reliable information on their social networks.
  • Verifiable bad reviews on analysis sites.
  • Bad design, bad branding.
  • Incomplete website.
  • The device is not displayed on the web.
  • They have no visible offices.
  • They are not incorporated in good legislation.
  • They do not have licenses and must have them or the ones they have do not generate enough trust.
  • Immaturity of the project that raises doubts about the convenience of publication at a certain time.

Good signs:

  • We have already posted before.
  • They are widely recognized as a good project.
  • Good reviews, strong community in social networks.
  • It has already been published by other recognized media.

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