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The International Technology Summit Accelerates Blockchain and Digital Asset Momentum

The International Technology Summit Accelerates Blockchain and Digital Asset Momentum

HAMILTON – BERMUDA Jan 19 2021 (Blockchain Wire) 

The International Technology Summit Accelerates Blockchain and Digital Asset Momentum
The International Technology Summit

Penrose Partners (www.penrosepartners.com), a Canadian & Bermudian emerging technology consulting firm, will be spearheading The International Technology Summit during the week of February 1st, 2021, through virtual and in-person sessions and workshops.

The International Tech Summit will bring together innovators, regulators and executives from Canada, Bermuda and around the world to explore the latest breakthroughs in blockchain technology fueled by Bermuda’s digital asset regime. Attendees will be joining Penrose to discuss advancements made towards accomplishing the Bermuda Government’s mandate of growing the island’s Fintech Industry.

These discussions will cover digital dollar payments, decentralized finance, clean technology, and unique enterprise implementations of blockchains. The Bermuda Government will present key milestones and their continuing strategy of facilitating collaboration and innovation between industry leaders, legislators and regulators across the Fintech Industry.

The Summit will include an Educational Fintech Workshop series hosted virtually in partnership with the Bermuda Government, Bermuda’s InnoFund Incubator and Clarien Bank. These workshops will dive deeper into the businesses actively pursuing or in receipt of Digital Asset Business licenses issued by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. The session will uncover how innovations across the blockchain and digital asset market can accelerate the growth of Bermuda’s existing economic pillars. The workshops will challenge participants to explore the implications of these technologies on the Government’s payment mechanisms and internal treasury operations. For more information on participating in the workshops, please email info@penrosepartners.com.

The feature event for the Summit will be a virtual conference hosted on Thursday, February 4th. This conference will provide new industry insights into how international technology leaders, public sector policy-makers, and their regulatory counterparts may collaborate to facilitate purposeful discussions and support emerging technology adoption in Bermuda.

The conference will be highlighted by a fireside chat between the Hon. David Burt, Premier of Bermuda and Khawar Nasim, Acting Consul General of the Consulate General of Canada in NY. Other speakers include Denis Pitcher, the Chief Fintech Advisor to the Premier, Bloomberg Intelligence’s Mike McGlone, fintech specialist Aqsa Zubair of the Bermuda Monetary Authority, digital asset innovator Darren Wolfberg of Blockchain Triangle and Bermuda technology leader Kevin Richards of Bermuda Asset Management, among many others. 

Penrose Partners invites technologists, futurists and investors from around the world to join them in uncovering the benefits of blockchain not just for businesses and governments, but for  social, economic and environmental sustainability. 

To register for the event and view the agenda, visit the event page. 

A special thank you and recognition goes out to all the sponsors that made the Summit possible including Bidali, Clarien Bank, Blockchain Triangle, Transform Group, Blockchain Wire, ConnecTech, Renno&Co, Kastleway, CCS Group and Mantle Blockchain. 

About Penrose PartnersFounded in 2019 by blockchain industry veterans, Penrose Partners are trusted emerging technology consultants on a mission to help strategic stakeholders transform the world’s economies through blockchain-based innovations. The firm has worked with top academic institutions, governments and enterprises to facilitate blockchain technology adoption.

Sean Stapley
Penrose Partners

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