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Singapore-based Cryptocurrency Firm TABANK Launches an End-to-End Financial Services Platform Powered by Blockchain Technology

Singapore-based Cryptocurrency Firm TABANK Launches an End-to-End Financial Services Platform Powered by Blockchain Technology

Singapore-based cryptocurrency firm TABANK is offering a range of unique financial products to enable sustainable trading, investments, online payments, lending, and savings.

SINGAPORE Feb 03 2021 (Blockchain Wire) 

The concept of currency has evolved massively over centuries. What started with the barter system has now made its way through the gift economy, gold, medieval coins, banknotes, electronic payments through credit and debit cards, now to cryptocurrencies. The growth of blockchain technology has further accentuated cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. Today, cryptocurrencies are well on track to challenge the traditional banking system as it provides more convenience, safety, control, and transparency that ist traditional counterpart. Despite the astronomical growth of cryptocurrency systems, there is still considerable scope of improvements in terms of utility, safety, and convenience being offered to the users. Singapore-based cryptocurrency firm TABANK, a part of the TAB Group is bridging these gaps through its end-to-end cryptocurrency platform.


TABANK is a global online digital banking platform that offers multi-dimensional utilities. Apart from being an online payments platform, it also offers sustainable savings, lending, and investment solutions under one single platform, thus adding a tremendous amount of convenience and value to the user experience. TABANK’s crypto platform is powered by blockchain technology that also makes its safe, secure, and transparent. With this, the organization aims to connect 36,000,000 users from varied sectors including but not limited to Banking, real estate, hotel, tourism, e-commerce, investment channels, media, service and entertainment channels, etc.

What does TABANK offer?

One of the most unique aspects of TABANK is its underlying architecture that implements a string blockchain named Tomo Chain. The fact that Tomo Chain works on advanced algorithms that deploy the Proof of Stake mechanism makes TABANK on the safest, most secure, and convenient platform to use. More interestingly, Tomo chain makes TABANK a faster and cheaper platform to use – the two parameters that are most talked about in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Furthermore, this framework makes it extremely easy to deploy decentralized applications on the platform, thus enabling seamless financial functionalities and flexibility.

TABANK works with the sole objective of secure handling user assets while delivering consistent profit maximization. For this, it offers a range of diversified financial products loans, investment vehicles, and digital crypto wallets, each of which presents the opportunity to trade independently at any point irrespective of geographic boundaries. The TABANK platform is powered by its unique cryptocurrency or digital token named TAB. As of now, TAB token sale is ongoing, and it is scheduled to be listed on international exchanges in the later part of 2021.

Being led by an experienced team of technology professionals, TABANK promises to deliver tremendous value in the cryptocurrency space through its wide range of innovative financial products that are powered by a robust blockchain framework.

To know more, please visit the TABANK official website.

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Company Name: TABANK
Company Website: https://tabank.org/
Company Email: admin@tabank.org

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