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PVnet Inc.: A Solar Based Decentralized Ecosystem Ushering in the Next Generation of Alternative Energy

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By modernizing billing, production, infrastructure, consumption, and mechanisms, PVnet Inc. intends to bring in the next generation of decentralized energy.

LAS VEGAS, NV Dec 21 2021 (Blockchain Wire) 

PVnet Inc. (XPV), the latest venture of ProjectPV Inc. powered by the XPV token, recently released a white paper giving an insight into their token structure and confirming its launch on December 24th, 2021.

A number of planned collaborations are expected to be unveiled in the coming days, which will eventually see the project grow, particularly in the alternative energy market, where it seeks to break a revolution.

With a total supply of 500B, the XPV token is going to power the PVnet, a decentralized distribution network of energy. ProjectPV Inc.’s brains have worked on some of the most significant advancements in the history of alternative energy, including over 200MM worth of EE projects in the governmental sector. 

Bringing in the next generation of ‘Decentralized Energy’

ProjectPV Inc. CEO R. Henry is excited about the possible marriage between the blockchain industry and the energy sector.

“Implementing the next generation of decentralized energy is the only way to ensure the sustainability of the grid remains intact with the emergence of electrification and digitization,” said Mr. Henry. “Our goal is to develop next-generation solar, battery, infrastructure, and EV technology. XPV will be at the center of it all! The PVnet will seek to modernize billing, production, infrastructure, consumption, and mechanisms as it pertains to energy. Even more so, Our XPVLaunch platform will incubate different technological advancements in the energy sector and more!”

With the advent of digitization and electrification, everyone has become oblivious to the reality that the grids would be unable to handle the loads that the future decades will impose. By incorporating renewable energy sources into the energy grid, decentralized smart energy systems play an important role in transitioning to a low-carbon society. Smart grids are potential implications of decentralized energy generation. Their capacity to generate on-site electricity aids in peak load reduction and, as a result, improved central grid system management.

Advantages achieved by PV and battery storage systems when modules are combined with battery storage, these energy management systems may provide enough electricity to reduce bills/loads by up to 95% while also allowing the owner to sell energy back to the grid during peak periods of the day. Solar systems, in fact, continue to accumulate energy throughout their life cycles, which can range from 25 to 30 years. As the cost of power grows over time, savings might actually increase throughout the system’s life.

With further planned collaborations and commercial developments also in the pipeline, PVnet Inc. expects to deploy the network’s beta version in the fourth quarter of 2022. The token is anticipated to have 200,000+ holders by the end of 2022, with other developments such as EV Charging, Financing Vehicles for PV/EE, and Distributor Network.

The token-based PVnet platform will streamline financing, manufacturing, infrastructure, usage, and mechanisms, as it is associated with energy generation.

ProjectPV (XPV) Fair Launch to commence on December 24th 2021

XPV is set to launch on PancakeSwap on December 24th, 2021 (Christmas Eve) at 5:00 PM CST. 500 billion tokens will be issued, with an initial market cap of $25K. The tokens can be acquired using BNB on PancakeSwap.

Further details are available on ProjectPV’s official websiteTelegram, and Twitter.

About PVnet Inc. (ProjectPV)

PVnet (ProjectPV) is a decentralized solar environment with the goal of developing the next generation of decentralized energy. The team behind PVnet has patented technology and have developed, engineered, and completed over $200MM worth of XPV and EE projects in the private, public, and governmental sector domestically and abroad.

The XPVLaunch platform will foster various technological developments in the energy industry. PVnet will also build projects in growing markets and undeveloped nations to offer renewable energy to the world.

PVnet Inc. (ProjectPV)
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