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OnlyCam set to revolutionise the online entertainment industry with an erotic NFT’s platform

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OnlyCam is an independent, adult entertainment platform, who will debut in January 2022. OnlyCam will bring innovative change to the NSFW industry through the launch of their token $ONLY, which will allow consumers to access and purchase erotic NFT’s through their upcoming platform.

December 2021 – As the first NSFW independent company that uses a unique utility token for payments – $ONLY, OnlyCam is changing the customer and creator experience for the better. This $ONLY token is designed to “empower the content creators and reward content consumers across the OnlyCam network.”  

“$ONLY is operating on the Binance Smart Chain; the transactions are fast to execute, have small gas fees, and are even environmentally friendly”

There are many benefits to using $ONLY. Not only for the content creators but also for consumers. OnlyCam will be the only online platform that allows its users to purchase adult content with a custom $ONLY token. Consumers will have the ability to buy exclusive NFTs with their tokens. Creators will be able to mint custom-tailored NFTs to users as per their request, which will enable a new and exciting way for fans and content makers to interact with each other. It will also allow a faster and more secure method of managing subscriptions and payments. By being a token holder, consumers will have their voice heard during the development of the OnlyCam project. They will be able to join discussions, submit ideas, and participate in the expansion of the OnlyCam network, as a thank you for participating, consumers will receive $ONLY tokens when engaging in some of these activities.

Content creators can also be paid using the $ONLY token. The main benefit of creators using $ONLY is that it cuts out all unnecessary transaction fees. Most major processing companies do not support adult content creators, and those who do offer support, often charge large fees for transactions within the NSFW industry. This in turn, directly affects the ability of other platforms to offer content creators better terms. OnlyCam has very little gas fee on transactions on Binance Smart Chain, and transactions are instant which will mean that content can be sold without any difficulties.[BD2]  OnlyCam puts the creators in charge of their revenues by giving them control of their production, distribution, and connecting them directly with their consumers.

OnlyCam ensures that $ONLY is a functional, stable, and profitable utility. Each time a token holden makes a transaction on any of the OnlyCam platforms, every token holden on the network receives 3% of the transaction straight into their virtual wallet. As well as this, every token holder on the network receives part of the redistribution fee of 2% on every transaction that happens within the network straight into their wallet. As well as this, 2% will be added to the liquidity pool and 1% will be burned.

This will ensure that the value of the $ONLY token is kept as stable and as profitable as possible for all token holders.

About OnlyCam: OnlyCam is an online NFSW entertainment ecosystem that is revolutionising the way content is consumed. OnlyCam aims to tackle the big issues faced by the adult industry by providing sustainable, and profitable solutions, for both content creators and consumers.

Find out more about the project: https://only.cam/ 

Join the community: https://bit.ly/3Gt6O1S

Only Cam
[email protected]

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