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MuddHouse Media and SDK Co Launch New Integrated Podcast Where Culture, Crypto and Commerce Collide: Culture Capsules with Mr. Wendell – Where the MegaStars Meet the MetaVerse

MuddHouse Media and SDK Co Launch New Integrated Podcast Where Culture, Crypto and Commerce Collide: Culture Capsules with Mr. Wendell – Where the MegaStars Meet the MetaVerse
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Last updated: November 15, 2021


November 15, 2021, 12:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

ATLANTA & LOS ANGELES & SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MuddHouse Media and SDK CO today launched an innovative and immersive new genre of podcasting bringing A-List talent together for exclusive technology drops, spotlights on their catalog as collectors, and integrated commerce powered by leading live commerce company Talkshoplive®. Culture Capsules™ with Mr. Wendell – Where the MegaStars Meet the MetaVerse features 25-year hip-hop/pop music manager Mr. Wendell in conversations with today’s biggest stars to talk collectibles, NFTs, crypto, and more starting November 16, 2021, at www.sdkco.io/podcast

“The podcast marketplace is void of entertaining, engaging dialogue that finds common ground across cultures via collectibles, crypto trends, and commerce with the top tastemakers of our time, until now,” said Chris J. Snook, CEO of SDK CO, a technology company building a secure ecosystem that ranges from digital collectibles/NFTs to secure connected hardware devices. “We’re honored to shake up the podcast platform alongside MuddHouse Media and TalkShopLive with the launch of Culture Capsules with Mr. Wendell.”

“We are at an inflection point where talent, creators, media, and retailers are not only looking to live commerce as an additional revenue stream but adopting it in a way that is projected to change the retail landscape,” said Bryan Moore, CEO and co-founder of TalkShopLive “We are thrilled that MuddHouse Media and SDK CO chose TalkShopLive as the platform of choice to create extraordinary live, interactive shopping experiences while informing, educating and connecting the collector community.”

Kris Meyer, MuddHouse Media’s Co-Founder and CEO and an award-winning 20-year veteran Hollywood producer said, “MuddHouse Media content is pre-trend – meaning our creative response is the result of meeting consumers’ needs with the best-curated content. We’ve partnered with many leaders such as SDK Co and TalkShopLive who continue to push the envelope in technology, entertainment, and relevant dialogue.”

About the Show: Culture Capsules™ with Mr. Wendell: Where the MegaStars Meet the MetaVerse brought to you by MetaZERO

Mr. Wendell, an influential music manager/tour manager for major artists such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Justin Bieber, New Edition, and Jay-Z, is tapping his vast network to curate riveting conversations with cultural icons on the TalkShopLive® platform. In this way, he’ll showcase collectors and their collections — from digital to physical.

The first show launches November 16, 2021, with Pat Johnson, a luminary behind a lens whose captured epic music history moments from Michael Jackson, Snoop Dog to Tom Petty. Johnson has an enviable photographic collection that charts untold music history.

“Collections are mini capsules of history and collectors are the storytellers, said Mr. Wendell. “Through the use of NFTs and the Metaverse. collecting will become even more profitable and accessible. I’m so excited to talk about these dynamics and much more on my new podcast Culture Capsules.”

Guests of Season One will receive commemorative First Run MetaZERO phones certified via an NFT minted on Cardano. MetaZERO is a secure mobile device that enables Zero SIM-jacking, Zero attacks on voice and messaging, and Zero attacks on filesharing/ photo storage — all of which allows customers to reclaim their privacy while enabling best-in-class secure communications within their social circle. Viewers will also have access to these exclusive products, goods, and services.

Learn more about how to experience the show at www.sdkco.io/podcast

About MuddHouse Media

MuddHouse Media is a company composed of diversified knowledge and skillsets, specializing in the most niche and mainstream facets of science, sports, comedy, lifestyles and culture, music and art, business, entrepreneurship, and much more. MuddHouse Media combines niche expertise to create compelling, engaging, and appealing storytelling. It presents the most passionate individuals discussing the subjects they live for, with people who either share their zest or can offer a novel or unique take or opinion on the subject. Its offering includes full-service production of original podcasts, corporate podcasts, and media and scripted podcast series. MuddHouse Media original series include “Being American,” with former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick; “Tanya’s Table,” with chef Tanya Holland; “Holding Court,” with tennis analyst and former professional player Patrick McEnroe; and “Saints, Sinners, and Serial Killers,” hosted by New York Times best-selling authors Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge. MuddHouse Media has created podcasts for leaders in their fields including “The Sound Experience” with Panasonic Automotive, “Bring Out the Talent” with The Training Associates, and Bruker Industries. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, like us on Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn. For more information, visit us at www.muddhousemedia.com.

About SDK Co

SDK Co builds technologies powering personal choice that enable customers to regain control over their personal data by offering secure connected hardware and software. Products include the MetaZero SDK Co utilizes the Cardano blockchain, a platform designed for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries. SDK Co’s ecosystem of technology offerings also includes digital collectibles/NFTs for Fortune 100 brands and partners. To learn more visit https://www.sdkco.io/

About TalkShopLive

TalkShopLive® is the leading live streaming, social selling online network. Sellers showcase their products via live shows, displaying product details and chatting in real-time with customers that they can purchase with one click on the buy button. The platform and iOS app are full service for sellers – from live show creation to order processing to ease of shipping and payouts. Buyers are able to access unlimited channels and live product shows. With talkshoplive®, buying has never been more interactive and entertaining.

An incredible lineup of stars and brands have launched their own talkshoplive® live channels including Best Buy, Fred Segal, Paul McCartney, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Catherine Zeta-JonesDolly Parton, Alicia Keys, Julie Andrews, Meghan Trainor, Tim Tebow, Kristin Cavallari, Tim McGraw, Jenna Dewan, Kathy Ireland Worldwide and many more.

Attribution from CoreSights Research

Livestreaming Could Draw $25 Billion in US by 2023, and Stores Might Lead it There | Coresight Research


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