Interpol red-lists Terra creator Do Kwon

Interpol has issued a red warning for the creator of Terraform Labs, a South Korean national named Do Kwon.
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Updated: September 26, 2022


Do Kwon is the founder of Terraform Labs and the main person responsible for the Terra ecosystem. A week ago, the South Korean authorities filed a request to issue a red alert for Do Kwon. The request was made because Do Kwon’s stable currency UST lost parity with the dollar in May and collapsed, causing tens of thousands of investors all over the world to lose their money.

Do Kwon is the subject of a “red alert,” which was issued by the International Police Organization in response to a request made by multiple English-language media outlets. The request was granted, and Interpol is responsible for issuing the notice. In addition to this, the authorities in South Korea are investigating allegations that Kwon violated the Capital Markets Act, which has resulted in arrest warrants being issued for him.

Wanted fugitive

A text message obtained from South Korean officials and cited in the media story provides confirmation that Do Kwon is the subject of an ongoing investigation by Interpol.

A request to law enforcement agencies all over the globe to find and follow a person in anticipation of their extradition, surrender, or other comparable legal action is known as an “Interpol red alert.” Because of this move, Kwon is now considered a wanted fugitive in 195 different nations.

In the most recent weeks, the South Korean authorities have increased their attempts to apprehend Do Kwon, which has led to an intensification of the hunt for the creator of Terra and Luna. It was once said that Kwon made his home in Singapore. In spite of this, a statement that was released by the police in Singapore indicated that Do Kwon was not in the city-state, which prompted authorities to increase their attempts to find him.

In addition, Kwon clarified his position through Twitter at a later time, issuing various statements that refuted the claims and emphasizing that he is eager to work with legal authorities. However, Kwon has not provided the police with any information on his location. In point of fact, on September 17 he said this in a tweet:

“You don’t need to know my GPS coordinates unless we are friends unless we have arrangements to meet, or unless you are participating in a GPS-based Web3 game,” the speaker said.

This is his most recent tweet; about the high-risk situation that will occur on September 26, he has not yet issued a remark on any social media platforms.

South Korea is on the lookout

The authorities have made every effort in the world to track down the person who created Terra. They began by making a request to the Foreign Ministry of South Korea to revoke Do Kwon’s passport, and then they made a second request to Interpol about the activation of the red alert.

In addition, the police conducted a search warrant in the house of co-founder Shin Hyun-Seong and the offices of local exchanges that sold the stablecoin in the month of July. Do Kwon is Shin’s business partner.

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