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EmiSwap DEX to Give Away Over $100,000 USD in ESW Tokens

EmiSwap DEX to Give Away Over $100,000 USD in ESW Tokens

Over 1 million ESW tokens will be airdropped to participants for community engagement and DEX usage

DUBAI, UAE Jun 09 2021 (Blockchain Wire) 

EmiSwap (https://emiswap.com), the only community-governed decentralized exchange (DEX) paying out high rewards for liquidity providers, announced the launch of their airdrop campaign with Airdrops.io (https://airdrops.io/). The airdrop campaign was created to reward EmiSwap’s community by giving away over 1 million ESW tokens worth more than $100,000 USD. The first airdrop event kicked off today with over 350,000 ESW tokens given away as rewards for subscribing to EmiSwap’s social channels. 

The initial portion of EmiSwap’s airdrop campaign rewarded users for following a series of outlined steps. These included following EmiSwap on Twitter, joining the EmiSwap Telegram, retweeting a Twitter post, and submitting the user’s ETH address to claim the reward. The first 10,000 users received $4 USD worth of ESW (approximately 35 ESW). They also received $0.2 USD worth of ESW (approximately 2 ESW) for each referral. Optional tasks included creating a post on Twitter about EmiSwap and tagging the company, as well as following EmiSwap on Facebook. As an added bonus, 100 lucky users received $20 USD of ESW (approximately 170 ESW). This phase featured a limit of 10,000 users, but due to the overwhelming support from the community, the event concluded in the first one hour of its launch. 

The secondary phase of EmiSwap’s campaign, commencing June 22, invites users to trade on the EmiSwap network. This phase will reward 5,000 users for swapping any token pair on EmiSwap or adding liquidity to any token pair pool. EmiSwap will refund all Ethereum gas fees in ESW. Users must save their transaction ID for submission. Users will then need to fill out a Google Form to submit the details of their participation. After completing these steps, users will receive $20 USD of ESW (approximately 170 ESW). Rewards will be distributed after the Token Generation Event occurring in late June. Additionally, the ESW users earn for their activities will mark them as able to receive 0.05% from the trading volume in proportion to the number of tokens they earn.

EmiSwap is the first project of the EmiDAO alliance and its members are actively involved in managing and supporting the product. The EmiDAO alliance includes, an investment fund focused on emerging blockchain companies, Alpha Sigma Capital (https://alphasigma.fund); a top cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and liquidity, DigiFinex Exchange (https://www.digifinex.com); an exchange with 2.1 million global users and over 300 cryptocurrencies listed, Bitmart Exchange (https://www.bitmart.com); the first decentralized financial project that distributes all its revenue among stakeholders, Emirex Exchange (https://emirex.com);  an all-in-one and open-source white-label exchange solution that lets anyone run a complete crypto trading platform, HollaEx Exchange (https://hollaex.com); a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange and financial services company working in areas including media, social, mining, digital asset management, markets and research, IDCM Exchange (https://www.idcm.io), and a global banking platform that is integrating its services of eKYC, AML, whitelist-as-a-service, and fiat-in/out ramps, Everest Group (https://www.everestgrp.com).

For more information please visit EmiSwap’s official website and Medium.

About EmiSwap

EmiSwap (https://emiswap.com) is the first community-governed decentralized exchange (DEX) that provides high rewards for liquidity providers (LPs) and offers 100% compensation for Ethereum’s transaction fees in $ESW governance tokens. EmiSwap is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in which $ESW token holders vote to govern the development of the platform. Participants will be rewarded daily based on their trade volume and will have exclusive opportunities to collect EmiSwap’s limited edition NFT cards. EmiSwap is the first project in the EmiDAO alliance which includes Alpha Sigma Capital, DigiFinex Exchange, Bitmart Exchange, Emirex Exchange, HollaEx Exchange, IDCM Exchange, and Everest Group.

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