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COVID-19: Great success in the pilot of sanitary certificates through blockchain

COVID-19: Great success in the pilot of sanitary certificates through blockchain

Madrid, September 1, 2020

The results of a pilot test of the blockchain-based Health n Go health certificate app conducted in Switzerland are encouraging. This pilot shows that, if health certificates are required in the future, these can be delivered digitally, safely, and remotely, respecting the privacy of individuals. 

Health n Go, the secure mobile solution for health certificates belonging to the ELCA group, has partnered with the network of Swiss laboratories Medisupport and with the Swiss manufacturer of railway equipment Matisa, to pilot the application with a specific group of Matisa employees.

The pilot test was carried out in early July at Matisa’s production plant in Crissier (Switzerland). Each user downloaded the Health n Go app on their mobile phone and presented it to the health professional conducting their coronavirus test. After scanning the application’s QR code, the health professional verified the identity of the person, taking the nose and throat swabs, and scanning the code of the test sample. 

The sample is sent to a Medisupport laboratory for analysis. The result was issued as an encrypted digital health certificate that appeared in the employee’s Health n Go app wallet. Matisa’s staff could then open the app and show her digital health certificate when requested. It was also possible to verify the certificate of the QR code with a scanner, checking both the identity of the person and the result of the coronavirus test.

The trial was a success, as all employees received their digital health certificates. For Matisa, whose technicians frequently travel abroad for work, it demonstrated that the application could be used to allow coronavirus-free staff to continue traveling despite being able to introduce border restrictions.

This type of certificate is very much a breakthrough for people who travel frequently for work to areas where a certain type of vaccine is required (for example, yellow fever), or to access facilities that request a health certificate. It can also be useful to certify vaccination against seasonal flu.

The application can also be used by diagnostic laboratories that offer direct access to health tests. In recent months, more and more laboratories are having direct contact with the end public, since they avoid health professionals thanks to home test kits. The Health n Go application provides a solution to securely deliver health certificates via Smartphones from the laboratory directly to the user.

A proven platform

Launched in May 2020, Health n Go is an app developed entirely in Switzerland. The app is built under TIXnGO architecture. A subsidiary platform of the leading Swiss IT service provider, ELCA, TIXnGO has proven to be technically effective in the mass distribution of live event tickets. The platform uses blockchain technology to securely distribute tickets, lately used for the distribution of tickets for major sporting events of both global and European sports organizations, including football tickets on behalf of UEFA. All information is stored exclusively in a secure wallet on the smartphone. The decentralized model offers users the highest level of privacy, as no personal information is shared, but is owned and controlled by the individual.

Frédéric Longatte, CEO of TIXnGO and Health n Go, said: “This trial was a proof of concept to demonstrate that the Health n GO application works in an enterprise environment. We are delighted with the results. If in the future providing health testing becomes the norm, we are prepared and able to expand this system to meet the needs of both businesses and society at large.

Natascha Buckmann, Medisupport project manager, commented: “The test went very well. From our point of view, it was quick and easy to set up and run, and for those who were tested, the process was clear and simple. When compared to a printed health certificate or even an SMS, the application is much more secure. We are convinced that if health certificates are required in the future, Health n Go is a good and safe solution. “

“Matisa has many employees who travel for business and we need to ensure their safety and ability to do so. The Health n Go app is impressive in that it is easy to use and ready to go anytime, “said Sonia Molnar, Director of HR.

The Health n Go solution is designed to securely issue digital health certificates from an official authority, such as a doctor or health organization. Each time a health certificate is issued on the platform, a unique, encrypted, and verifiable identity is associated with it. People store their health certificates in a wallet inside their phone, which can be accessed whenever they want and a QR code that can be read by a scanner. The owner of the wallet remains the sole owner of the encrypted data, which is stored in a fully decentralized and tamper-proof manner.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, this system guarantees effective protection against any attempted certificate fraud. The unique identity of each certificate minimizes the risk of duplication or forgery. 

The system monitors possible patterns of attempted fraud that may lead to the cancellation and generation of a new certificate, if necessary.

The solution can be hosted in a private or public national cloud and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) to meet health data requirements.

More Health n Go pilot projects are underway with Swiss and European companies.


Health n Go is a blockchain-based mobile application that offers secure management of digital health certificates. Leveraging the latest technologies in mobile languages, blockchain, and artificial intelligence learning, this is a sister company to TIXnGO, the leading secure mobile ticketing platform. TIXnGO has been referenced by Gartner (The Real Business of Blockchain, Harvard Business Review, 2019). Health n Go is a subsidiary of the Swiss systems integrator ELCA and is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. For more information, visit http://www.healthngo.io

Medisupport, network of Swiss regional laboratories

Every day, more than 900 Medisupport employees guarantee accurate analytical results and in-depth knowledge in various fields of medical diagnostics, such as genetics and fertility, pathology, biology and hygiene. www.medisupport.ch

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