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Bybit Enters Capital Alliance with Social Copy Trading Service BitCopy

Bybit Enters Capital Alliance with Social Copy Trading Service BitCopy

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SINGAPORE Mar 09 2021 (Blockchain Wire) 

Bybit and BitCopy, which have concluded other business alliances in a range of fields, have announced that they will also enter into a capital alliance. This will further solidify their partnership, strengthening services, stability and liquidity. As part of this capital alliance, the companies have announced plans for a large-scale collaboration. As the initial campaign event, new customers registering with Bybit who deposit on the Bybit account will receive a reward of $30–$500 in Bitcoin (BTC). Customers can receive a reward just by using Bybit and BitCopy to execute trades easily and conveniently.

“Copy trading puts casual traders on a level playing field with professional traders, allowing them to capitalize on crypto trading in a fun and stress-free fashion. It is a very important piece of the puzzle in our efforts of providing a professional, smart, intuitive and innovative trading experience to all. We are confident that in BitCopy, we have found the ideal partner to make copy trading readily accessible to Bybit’s fast-growing trader community around the globe.” — Bybit director Ben Zhou

“With its strong liquidity and more, we feel confident introducing customers to the Bybit exchange platform. Our partnership will grow stronger with this capital alliance, and we plan to provide customers with even better services by conducting a number of joint campaigns. I am extremely pleased that we have concluded this alliance, which aligns most closely with our mission to provide a better trading environment.” — BitCopy director George H.

BitCopy growth 

BitCopy is a global social copy trading service that became fully available in 2019. It seamlessly connects to multiple exchanges and allows users to execute copy trades without having to monitor the exchanges. BitCopy’s number of users and trading volume are both growing rapidly.

BitCopy features

  • More than 200 products to choose from. 
  • In addition to discretionary trading, system trading allowing returns to accumulate with trading ranges is also registered in BitCopy as a copy trading (automated trading) platform.
  • BitCopy also has multiple powerful bots to implement trading strategies using specific cryptocurrency drivers, such as stablecoin issuance, as hooks.

Looking at trader Prof Alex, who has long sat at the top of BitCopy’s rankings, while they have incurred some losses, in the long term, their trades have accumulated profit, indicating that traders who have continued to follow Prof Alex over the long term have earned stable profits.If you’re interested in cryptocurrency trading, start by taking a look at BitCopy’s rankings page. BitCopy also completed a Chinese-language version of its website this winter as well as created a WeChat group to offer a full range of support to customers in China. BitCopy is a service you cannot afford to pass up in the red-hot cryptocurrency markets.

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