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BloxXwop: Decentralized Exchange Just in Time as Robinhood Blocks Users

BloxXwop: Decentralized Exchange Just in Time as Robinhood Blocks Users

NEW YORK, NY Feb 01 2021 (Blockchain Wire) 

Bitcoin (BTC) has made new highs of $40,000 already in 2021, and Ether (ETH) is following suit, breaking its previous all-time high at $1,470. Cryptocurrency has everyone from big finance to governments making price predictions of Bitcoin’s price going over $300,000, according to CitiGroup. With that, would trading platforms want to exclude Main Street from participating?

Today, there’s a hot new exchange coming into the market with a slightly different focus named BloxXwop (pronounced “block-swop”). Its focus is on decentralization, speed, security and inclusion. BloxXwop sets a new bar on what the industry can be with new institutional players coming in to carry out the will of the people. The exchange has a fast-moving red-black interface and navigates sleekly.

On a decentralized exchange, users own their wallets and private keys, which are stored independently of the exchange itself. This, in turn, means that users truly own their tokens and have no trading limits imposed by the exchange. Exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase control your crypto assets, which means that issues could arise in the event of a systems breach. This also means your wallet or account is being held by an exchange that can limit your access. Other such examples include PayPal, Square or Apple, which have announced their plans to enter into crypto. The ownership credentials are stored by the users, thus allowing total freedom. The timing is perfect because Robinhood and Etrade have been limiting trading for individual investors, allowing more time for institutional players.

BloxXwop has introduced to the crypto industry its riveting mixture of functionality, customer experience and simple messaging. In functionality, “DeFi democracy” are the words used to describe the voting mechanism of the platform. Its native Bloxx token enables users to cast votes for tokens they would like to see added to the exchange, combined with a staking protocol on the exchange. This differs from a DEX such as Uniswap, which has taken the burgeoning market by storm. Uniswap, however, only allows ERC tokens, which blocks out the likes of Bitcon and other chains. BloxXwop allows for cross-chain listing, enabling people to still have access to fan favorites, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC), XRP, etc. This takes additional development, which is what the founders of the Bloxx Foundation set as a cornerstone to allow the inclusion of all crypto assets. From a customer experience standpoint, BloxXwop breaks the mold with the flow of an exchange that has the comfort of a top-tier, centralized trading platform all while maintaining DEX protocols. BloxXwop is also proud to offer the ability to purchase assets on the exchange with credit/debit cards and peer-to-peer, on-chain transfers using just usernames. This is far removed from the days of EtherDelta. 

The Bloxx Foundation best quality is that it has hardcoded in its DEX 1% of all profits to go to a charitable endeavor serving impoverished and undercapitalized regions of the world. Dillon Omane, president of BloxXwop Exchange, has been in the spotlight in the tech space, starting with a win at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon in 2016. Since then, he has gone on to hone his skills, developing projects with major financial institutions, such as Bank of America, CitiGroup, etc. Omane, a newcomer to the blockchain industry, will be taking over for Antoine Bell, son of international football superstar JoJo Bell, who is moving to the board of advisors to focus on the foundation’s marketing efforts.

Catch the initial sign up offer to get free airdropped tokens and participate in our sweepstakes to win some free BTC on the company’s website. BloxXwop is ushering in the new year with the launch of its BloxXwop Exchange. Bloxx tokens are now live on Uniswap. Stay tuned to see how this new startup focused on diversity and inclusion fares with the tide turning in favor of decentralized finance.


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