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Iván Marchena departs after establishing PrimeXBT in the region.

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Ivan Marchena

Iván Marchena, the man behind PrimeXBT’s award-winning Bitcoin-based trading platform’s success in Latin America, has agreed to step down as vice president of operations for the area after achieving the goals set out at the start of his term.

The decision comes as the company works to establish itself as one of the leading leveraged trading platforms for Latin Americans trading cryptocurrencies and conventional financial instruments.

From its origins to its current status as a guide

For many people, the most difficult part of everything is always the beginning. Anyone who has ever been given a blank project knows how challenging it can be, particularly when dealing with financial items. Bringing a fintech like PrimeXBT to Latin America posed numerous challenges.

Marchena, who is used to ambitious ventures in the finance and trading industries, was unfazed. This is how he decides to consider the company’s proposal, which, after a thorough business analysis, selects the young executive who will be PrimeXBT’s Latin American face.

The choice was not random, Iván already had experience in the Libertex Group and other companies in the financial sector, so his start with PrimeXBT gave them firm steps. The results confirm that it was the right decision: in just seven months, the platform became one of the most widely used leverage trading platforms in the region.

“Not only did we achieve our goal of positioning the brand in the area in less than a year, but we also established it as a benchmark”

Iván Marchena

As vice president of operations in Latin America, the young executive set many goals for himself, including building a team of professionals dedicated to the company’s values, forming alliances with local entrepreneurs in the sector to provide solid foundations for growth in these countries, and consolidating projects with added value to benefit users.

A brief look at the results

The effort was rewarded. The Argentine, Mexican, and Colombian markets excelled in the area shortly after they started operations. Marchena’s popularity during her work is backed up by statistics: Argentina is now the world’s second-most-visited PrimeXBT destination.

Furthermore, the Covesting module, a DLT-certified copy trading solution, became the most popular product among Latin American users. This success was due to a solid, well-crafted traditional media and social media strategy, as well as a high-quality product.

“Now the most important thing is for the company to achieve user loyalty,”.

Iván Marchena

However, in such a competitive industry as crypto, it is well understood that positioning is not enough; you must also remain.

Marchena’s latest ventures are a look into the future

The former vice president of operations tells us about his latest regional ventures, but first he admits that he needs to spend more time with his family: “All I want is to spend some time with my family on a long holiday.”

On the labor front, the executive stated that he is working on a number of personal ventures aimed at both the acceptance of cryptocurrencies and the trading of conventional assets. Marchena is based on the growth of his native country, “Latin America,” and as a result, he emphasizes the importance of financial education as a primary and central component of his next professional endeavor.

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