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CryptoGames Review: You Can Now Play Keno and Win Big

CryptoGames provides new levels of success in the competitive world.
| CryptoPress
 | Last updated: April 2, 2023
| CryptoPress
Last updated: April 2, 2023


In a list of hundreds of online casinos with crypto gambling facilities today, only a few can reach the peak in terms of unadulterated entertainment. CryptoGames is an exceptional gambling website that has prominently provided new heights of success in the competitive world. After analyzing many reviews from the mass online entertainment for worldwide crypto gamblers. It is the ultimate spot to find the perfect blend of advanced and retro casino games that cater the crypto gamblers in an exciting environment. With their most recent addition to the platform, CryptoGames has raised its standard for both new and regular players. As part of their ever-classic gambling theme, CryptoGames recently added Keno to its casino. Keno is one of the most underrated games in the gambling society. However, it is one of the easiest games that one can explore in the world of modern gambling. By adding Keno as their 10th game on the website, CryptoGames has once again established its reputation as the best new age betting platform where even the most modern players find thrill in the games that are created by following traditional themes. To learn more about Keno and every element that the players may find with the game, read along out review given down below:

What is Keno:

Keno is a retro, purely luck-based casino game that is one of the most rewarding games for all gamblers regardless of how experienced they are.  Although Keno has always been an underrated game, it is now adding much more dimension and variation in many modern casinos, especially the crypto-oriented ones.  At CryptoGames, Keno is played with 10 different cryptocurrencies with an objective similar to the one of Lottery. Keno has been well known among many old-school gamblers as the game that saved an ancient city in a time of war. It is said that Keno’s widespread popularity helped raise funds to build the Great Wall of China. The legendary game is now being introduced widely to hundreds of gambling platforms, to advanced crypto gamblers. CryptoGames offers Keno in all its glory and in the coolest outlook. Keno’s architecture makes it an edgy game that features a poll of numbers where players pick their lucky ones to win. 

Outlook of the Game:

Keno is designed under the classic theme of CryptoGames. Black and Golden. The game is played in a field of numbers. There are 40 numbers in total (1-40) that are initially all colored to be black. Once the players pick any number, the numbers are marked in golden. On the top left part of the field, there is a drop-down tab that allows the players to select their payout multiplier changes. There are four options for it. The 4 options are Classic, Low, Medium, and High. When choosing any one of them, players will notice changes in the payout multipliers. Except for the “High” option, the other options start to pay the players as soon as they get 3 or more numbers right. 

The objective of the Game:

The payout table will compensate the players according to the number of correct guesses. This means players must pick all their lucky numbers as much as they can to win the game! Keno has a simple objective that allows the players to customize and pick their numbers all according to their preferences. Read along to learn how the game has to be played: 

  1. At first, set up the bet by customizing the number of credits to bet. For each round players can place, the minimum amount of 10 credits on the bets. This is the minimum limit for all cryptocurrencies. All Play Money players can place a minimum bet amount of 10 credits (10 credits = 10 Play Money) and a maximum amount of 1,200,000,000 credits. More on the use of Play Money and the ways to receive it will be given down below.
  1. Then players pick the numbers they think will come up in the result. They can predict 1-10 numbers.
  1. After selecting their lucky numbers, players choose the level of the payout multiplier. There are 4 different payout multipliers: Classic, Low, Medium, and High.
  1. Once the players finalize their picks they can opt for the option to run multiple bets for their selected numbers. This easy function is available through the Auto Bet feature. 
  1. Then as the players finish their settings, they press the “Start” button to begin their game. 
  1. As the game runs, if their predictions match the resulting numbers, then the matches show the classic CryptoGames golden symbol, and the rest of the winning numbers which were unpicked will show an X. 

Make The Best Use of Available Features

The Auto Bet:

To be able to run multiple bets for your choice of numbers, using the auto bet function is the best option. Before the beginning of the game, select the numbers you would like to finalize as your prediction for customized settings. During the rounds, the Auto Bet feature will run, for only the selected numbers. The prediction will remain the same for the number of rounds a player sets up and it cannot be changed when the bets are run. The Auto Bet feature eases the process of setting up multiple bets by letting the players customize the number of bets, the conditions, bet size, or amount. And the coolest part is, that the flow of the bets can be changed according to the win or loss of the bet. And the bets can even be stopped or continued under account changes. 

Random Pick:

  1. To enhance the architecture of Keno, the casino added this highly functional feature to help the players break out of their confusion regarding their predictions. The feature randomly picks any number of fields (stated by the player) and makes random predictions. This helps new players of the game especially when they are confused about which numbers to pick. Using the Random Pick can also help the players to learn how their winning rates may change when they choose to enable the feature. The players can also put both the Auto Bet feature and Random pick to use at the same time to check out the changes in their results and form different strategies accordingly. The casino does not guarantee a definite win when the feature is enabled. Therefore the players must decide to use it at their own risk. 

How to Use Random Pick:

  1. Click on the “Select Random () Fields” button to enable the feature. 
  2. Then adjust the number of fields/squares by clicking on the numbers button.
  3. The picked fields can also be shuffled by clicking on the  “RANDOM” button.  

Transaction System for Keno Players:

CryptoGames has included 10 well-known cryptocurrencies on their website for all kinds of transactions. The players of Keno can use all 10 cryptocurrencies to make their deposits, exchanges, or withdrawals of rewards. Keno players are also provided with the privilege of using Play Money for testing the game as much as they want. More on the use of Play Money currency will be given in short following this point. At CryptoGames to be able to run the bets fully using any cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, the players must have fully registered player accounts. The list of 10 cryptocurrencies for use is given here: 

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • GAS
  • Solana

The players pick their preferred cryptocurrencies before they set up the bets and navigate the deposit methods mentioned on the website thoroughly. The casino offers great options for deposits and exchange systems. For the regular system, players find all three options (deposit, withdraw, and exchange) right under the Your Account tab. And for the updated deposit system for fiat currency using credit cards, players find the option through Onramper. The updated system is however available for BTC and ETH users only. Onramper, which is a third-party fiat-crypto gateway aggregator allows hundreds of fiat currency users to deposit at CryptoGames using their credit cards. On top of that, for an updated exchange system for different cryptocurrency users, players find the option through ChangeNOW. It is a safe, fast exchange service that has been available for crypto users since 2017. The exchange platform provides services for over 250 (approximately) cryptocurrencies. No matter which options the players use for their financial transactions, they are always guaranteed to have the most reliable services at all times. 

The Use of Play Money:

As hinted above, CryptoGames has created a highly useful feature for all the players on board named Play Money. The players can earn the in-house play currency by requesting their daily shares from the Faucet. The faucet can be considered as an open bank that the players can access for receiving Play Money according to their player levels. The Play Money is available for 9 games on the website. It is unavailable for the game of Lottery. The cool play currency comes in handy for all the new players on the casino as they learn about the games and crypto gambling steadily. 

Fast Registration and Security

For absolutely new players at CryptoGames, the registration process can be completed without any personal or financial information. Upon registration, the same privilege to freely explore all the games using Play Money is given to all the players. To open up an account, all the players must do is provide a username. Then once the players agree to the terms and conditions of the casino, they are good to get their bets running. However, to be able to get their bets running for cryptocurrencies, players must create a fully registered account once they explore the casino. Once the players complete creating their accounts, their accounts are secured through the SSL encryption and google 2FA features. The security measures make sure that every single withdrawal request is passed for processing only after thorough verification and approval of the account holder.

Provably Fair and Responsible Gambling

At CryptoGames all its players are guaranteed to have complete control over all their bets. This means, in the games including Keno, players can make all their picks without any worry of adulteration. As a result, the games cannot be won by cheating. CryptoGames is a Fair Gambling casino hence gamblers can rest assured that all the games return fair and transparent results. Hence, even during the use of Auto Bet or the “Random” pick in Keno, the system will return unadulterated results for all bets. CryptoGames’ fair gambling policies have also promoted responsible crypto gambling to players from all nooks of the internet in an incredible way. The community at the casino strictly follows and shares responsible gaming policies with each other. 

Indulge in Classic Gambling with Keno:

CryptoGames casino offers modern facilities for all its players without any compromise in any sections. This is why their list of classic games excited the crypto gamblers to find out more about the potential of new edge crypto gambling. From offering well-recognized cryptocurrencies to advanced technology for verifying all bets, Keno players will have the luxury to enjoy all kinds of modern casino services under one roof. And better, they will have 9 other games, including Lottery which is pretty similar to the game of Keno, to begin exploring the new age crypto casino industry. With the most reasonable house edge, Keno Players will be able to learn more about the classic gambling game in the most exhilarating way possible. And since the casino is an unending provider of entertainment, players who begin their crypto gambling with Keno will have many more additional elements for rewards through the rest of the 9 games at CryptoGames. 

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