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blockchain summit global 2021

Updated information from Blockchain Summit Global

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In less than a month, on September 2 and 3, 2021 we will be presenting the 4th virtual Edition of the Global Blockchain Summit. 

With many incentives and good reasons to make it an event not to be missed again. 

Blockchain Summit Global is already one of the most recognized global events with a growing number of people. Last year was incredible, with over 3,000 participants from 36 countries, 84 Speakers from 15 different countries, and 22 hours of broadcast. 

We know that this year is going to be the best again, with a successful and super dynamic ecosystem and with many opportunities. 

In addition to novelties such as our new logo and a redesigned website, 2021 will be with a fantastic Networking platform where participants will be able to interact in virtual meeting rooms, participate in AMA sessions with the main speakers and also coordinate One-to-One interviews with contacts from businesses of your interest. 

The demographic analysis of BSG’s audience is incredibly diverse, defined primarily by decision-makers. There are prominent C-Level participants as well as IT Managers, Project Managers, IT Security chiefs, developers, and entrepreneurs with Start-Ups. 

The key is in our Agenda, which is what finally summons that great audience. An opportunity to hear global and keynote presentations on developments, innovations, legislation, public policies, real use cases, and real success stories. 

This year we will have a grid of keynotes speakers like never before. For example, there will be the Vice Minister of Digital Transformation of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (MinTIC) of Colombia Iván Mauricio Durán Pabón, commenting on a Sandbox of Blockchain platforms practice, Marcos Allende from LACCHAIN, the Boston Blockchain will also participate Association will present two exciting cases: “Blockchain & Human trafficking” and “Cybersecurity & Crypto Investment hygiene session”, there will be Montse Guardia from ALASTRIA, Brian Behlendorf from Hyperledger and other outstanding talents from R3, NEM, and RSK.

Innovation and the best developments in technology will be presented by its protagonists, main players from large companies, such as Tejas Chopra from Netflix, Francisco Maroto from BBVA, Carol Lago García and Bruno Baccino from Grant Thornton, Neils Lucker from Blockdata, Lana Kalashnyk from Amazon, Jorge Ordavas from Telefónica, Pablo Coirolo from Light47, Sophia López from Kaleido and Clarisse Dias da Mota from Merck, who have already confirmed their presence. 

Topics such as NFT’s, AI, IoT, and DEFI will be in the hands of true experts. The other look will also be present, as in the incredible panel on “Blockchain beyond finance. A humanistic look. ” 

Fantastic talks with the principals at AAVE, Maker DAO, Money on Chain, Binance and LocalBitcoins. And like every year, the presentation by the president of the Central Bank of Uruguay, Diego Labat. 

The legal department will be in charge of the best, with Guyer & Regules, Ian Gauci from GTG Advocates of Malta, and Agustina Pérez Comenale, lawyer and notary public in charge of the LegalTech chair at the University of Montevideo. Also, the academy and innovation will be present with a talk by our Partner, the Institute of the Future of the University of Nicosia. The president of URSEC Dr. Mercedes Aramendía will present on Communication Technologies and we will have the participation of URUGUAY XXI with investment and opportunities issues.

Organizing Partners

The organizers, together with Alejandra Labraga, our host, will be leading and presenting this incredible agenda that is growing day by day with new speakers and also our fantastic Workshops. 

We will be broadcasting to the world from our TV studio, with Speakers and panels via Zoom and in person, via streaming on our website, and via cable TV, live, through TCC Public Affairs. This year, we will also be adding the service to our VIP assistants from the best and most recognized Networking platform, Brella.

Attendance in face-to-face mode will continue to be limited to the seating capacity of the TV Studio and will have the participation of some local speakers, as well as special guests, with a catering service included, all within the framework of the current health protocol. 

It will be an event of great excellence, with a global, agile, and professional transmission. 

Do not miss a thing! ¡Save the date! 

Thursday, September 2, and Friday, September 3, 2021.

– Register for the event here 

– Our Website: https://blockchainsummit.global/ 

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