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Triumph for Supermoon Camp and The Web3 Gallery Mainnet Gala in NYC

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Building on recent success, Supermoon Camp together with The Web3 Gallery, just held its Mainnet Gala during Messari Mainnet week. The Mainnet Gala welcomed over 300 executives, investors, and talented entrepreneurs for three hours of networking and an immersive art experience. 

Supermoon is bridging together executives, investors, and founders with a mission to elevate the Web3 space. Mainnet Gala was a successful result of Supermoon’s effort to achieve its mission, revealing future plans, including the Supermoon 2023 Initiative that will go beyond high-impact events to facilitate the growth of Web3 projects at the very beginning of their journey. 

Supermoon is bringing onboard reputable advisors, mentors, and entrepreneurs to enable the Supermoon 2023 Initiative and its goal to advance the web3 space.

Not Stopping Supermoon Camp embarks on another Supermoon Camp during Art Basel this November 30-5th. The renowned five-day pop-up event unites crypto eclectics and thought leaders at a private venue in Miami for innovative collaborations, talks, and relationship-building. The last night of the camp will culminate with the legendary Mansion On The Moon event at a secret venue in Miami. 

Supermoon Camp helps professionals build genuine and lasting relationships through an exclusive community of blockchain innovators, enthusiasts, and high-impact networking events. 

Web3 Gallery is the world’s first crypto, Metaverse, Web3 gaming, and NFT experience, quickly becoming a hub for Web3 innovations.







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