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The Supermoon Camp will be held in Miami on November 30th

The Supermoon Camp will be held in Miami on November 30th

From November 30th to December 4th, Supermoon Camp will be held in Miami, bringing together crypto fans, influencers, and thought leaders under one roof with a “work hard, play hard” agenda.

Supermoon Camp is a crypto-focused event that will take place in several places throughout the globe. For many days, Supermoon Guests will engage in provocative discussions, debates, and noisy celebrations. All events will be live broadcast and seen by thousands.

Supermoon Camp was founded to demonstrate to the world what the crypto community is really about and where it is headed. What began as a worldwide network of “crypto-nomads” (you may link to an article about this if you write one), artists, and quirky risk-takers.

Where will the first Supermoon Camp be held? Supermoon Camp will move places on a regular basis. The first edition of this quarterly event will take place in Miami from November 30 to December 4, 2021. FlashBack, FAS, Avalanche, CryptoCanal, Exquisite Workers, Blockchain Center NYC, and NFThursdays are all supporting the event.

How was Supermoon named? A Supermoon is a unique astronomical event that occurs when the moon approaches closest to the Earth and is seen by millions. This iconic occurrence demonstrates to the public that even apparently insurmountable obstacles can be overcome. By 2035, the Supermoon organizers are seriously contemplating holding the event on the moon. That is correct, on the real moon!

Supermoon is larger, brighter, and closer than ever before, thanks to a community that lives off the grid and on the blockchain.

Visit the website at to learn more about Supermoon Camp and to join the community. Keep an eye out for future camps!

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